• Comparing and Contrasting Green-Building Certifications

    Before deciding which green-building rating system to choose, you should understand why these systems exist.

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  • DOE's Home Energy Score

    Looking back and forging ahead

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  • Getting Some Shade

    Putting your blinds outside the window is an easy fix that a few, but not nearly enough, people are using.

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    How to Become a Home Performance Superhero

    How to Become a Home Performance Superhero

    By Paul Morin

    What do Home Performance Contractors (HPCs) do? Fundamentally, they ask homeowners what heating, cooling and ventilation problems they have and take care of fixing ...
    Hempcrete: Eco-Friendly and Unique

    Hempcrete: Eco-Friendly and Unique

    By Elena Gardner

    Using hemp as an insulator might seem far-fetched. Laughable even. But this green sustainable material just might be the answer to many builders’ ...
    Comparing and Contrasting Residential Green-Building Certifications

    Comparing and Contrasting Residential Green-Building Certifications

    By Brett Little

    In residential construction—much more than in commercial construction—there are a surprising number of green building rating systems. These systems have ...
    Getting Some Shade

    Getting Some Shade

    By Everest Fang

    You’re uncomfortable. You feel streaks of sweat starting to inch down your forehead, back, and neck. The sun is relentless. Frantically, you ...
    Join Us at a Women in Home Performance Breakfast at ACI California

    Join Us at a Women in Home Performance Breakfast at ACI California

    By Amy Beley

    It's been exciting to read the stories of these great women in our industry in The Real Women ...
    Solar Panels Winning Power Battle Against Energy Efficiency Rivals

    Solar Panels Winning Power Battle Against Energy Efficiency Rivals

    By Luke Kyte

    Research from KES Lighting suggests over 11% of the British population are unaware of what energy efficient light bulbs ...
    Three Tips for Accurate Air Tightness Tests Every Time

    Three Tips for Accurate Air Tightness Tests Every Time

    By Frank Spevak

    All of us in the building energy industry know how essential our equipment is to our jobs. One ...
    Are you a Cybersensitive?

    Are you a Cybersensitive?

    By Adam Molnar

    Do people innately love technology? Can they? People engage with technology everyday on a utilitarian basis. However, what ...

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