• Choices in PEX Manifold Systems

    There are a number of ways to combine PEX tubing with manifolds to get better-than-normal hot-water delivery in a home.

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  • Finding the Multi-Tool House

    What do you think about when you want to buy or rent a home?

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  • The Dubai Lamp

    The Dubai Lamp is a product line of LED-based advanced lightbulbs. The largest is just 3 watts and emits 600 lumens, for an amazing efficacy of 200 lumens per watt.

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    Static Pressure Testing 101

    Static Pressure Testing 101

    By David Richardson

    It’s unfortunate that many HVAC field service and installation personnel unknowingly install equipment on undersized and poorly performing duct systems every day. ...
    Masonry Heaters are Massively Comfy

    Masonry Heaters are Massively Comfy

    By Eric Moshier and Leslie Jackson

    You enter the house on a winter’s evening, remove your wet boots and coat. In your living room, there are a few ...
    The Contractor's Guide to the Smart Home

    The Contractor's Guide to the Smart Home

    By Claire Miziolek

    Do you own a smart home? Probably not. While hype around the smart home has been building for years, most homeowners are only just ...
    The Benefits of Zone Pressure Diagnostics

    The Benefits of Zone Pressure Diagnostics

    By Cory Chovanec

    Weatherization and home performance contractors have been using zone pressure diagnostic (ZPD) testing since the 1990s to better diagnose, and ultimately improve, the airtightness ...
    Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

    Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

    By Lindsay Bachman, Diane Chojnowski, Jim Gunshinan

    Home Energy Pros Forum has reached a milestone. We are welcoming our 6,000th member to the premier online ...
    What You Need to Know About California's New Solar Panel Law

    What You Need to Know About California's New Solar Panel Law

    By Elaine Thompson

    California took the bold step recently to become the first state to require all new homes—including ...
    Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

    Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

    By Bethany Dittmar, Director of Conference Education, HPC

    June is National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM)! This month-long celebration offers an opportunity to learn more about housing ...

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