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    There are a number of ways to combine PEX tubing with manifolds to get better-than-normal hot-water delivery in a home.

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  • Finding the Multi-Tool House

    What do you think about when you want to buy or rent a home?

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  • The Dubai Lamp

    The Dubai Lamp is a product line of LED-based advanced lightbulbs. The largest is just 3 watts and emits 600 lumens, for an amazing efficacy of 200 lumens per watt.

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    Net Zero Energy Simplified Using SIPs for a High-Performance Building Envelope

    Net Zero Energy Simplified Using SIPs for a High-Performance Building Envelope

    By Ted L. Clifton

    Want to build a net zero energy home? Forget about the solar panels; they come later—much later! Now that I have your ...
    Crossing the Home Performance Chasm

    Crossing the Home Performance Chasm

    By John Tooley

    “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." —John F. Kennedy


    Cory Chovanec "The Benefits of Zone Pressure Diagnostics" Cory hopes readers recognize the benefits of ZPD testing. Add it to your skill set! And ...
    National Home Performance Conferences: A History of Energizing the Industry

    National Home Performance Conferences: A History of Energizing the Industry

    In this issue you are reading articles on topics that will be presented, by the authors, at the National Home Performance Conference in Philadelphia ...
    Using God Talk—or Not—to Help the Planet?

    Using God Talk—or Not—to Help the Planet?

    By Jim Gunshinan

    I am always impressed with the work of Susan Shelton and the Shelton Group. So an email message ...
    Rebuilding After a Hurricane, and the Next, and the Next...

    Rebuilding After a Hurricane, and the Next, and the Next...

    By Kelly Vaughn

    This year’s hurricane season is the most expensive on record, with $202.6 billion in damages according to ...
    Degree Days Shuffle

    Degree Days Shuffle

    By Jim Gunshinan

    A 2015 study, “Impacts of global warming on residential heating and cooling degree-days in the United States,” ...
    Cool—and Warm—Clothing

    Cool—and Warm—Clothing

    By Jim Gunshinan

    “Why do you need to cool and heat the whole building? Why don’t you cool ...

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