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    One-Stop Shop

    One-Stop Shop

    By Danielle Sass Byrnett

    The Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center offers a wealth of information for the industry
    Honey, why is water dripping from the ceiling when it's bright and sunny outside?

    Honey, why is water dripping from the ceiling when it's bright and sunny outside?

    By Bob Wendt

    This past February I received the following e-mail: Hi, Guys, We've had trouble with water spots on the ceiling since late last fall, and ...
    Debunked: 3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows

    Debunked: 3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows

    By Paul Kazlov

    The different types of windows homeowners might consider may include wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Most people think that ...
    Recycling Your Air Conditioner

    Recycling Your Air Conditioner

    By Anne Staley

    In today’s technology-fueled world, innovations are being made at a rapid rate that help simplify human ...
    Unlocking the Power of Grey Water

    Unlocking the Power of Grey Water

    By Rob Nicely

    Along with this blog, Carmel Building & Design is introducing the first in a series of videos&...
    Home Energy's Canadian Correspondent

    Home Energy's Canadian Correspondent

    By Shawna Henderson

    Shawna Henderson, reporting from way out here on the edge of the world. Well, from Nova Scotia, Canada, ...

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