Chandler von Schrader

Chandler von Schrader is the manager for the Home Performance with Energy Star Program at the EPA.

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Off to the Home Performance Races

April 16, 2006

        I like to break things down into simple steps—like crawl,walk, and run. As a whole, the home performance contracting (HPC) industry is still in the crawling ... [continue reading]


Watergy - Connecting Water with Energy

June 07, 2007

This special edition of Home Energy is dedicated to raising awareness of the important relationship between water and energy. I like the term “watergy,” which I thought I had invented until I found ... [continue reading]


Where the Mastic Meets the Sheet Metal

September 03, 2009

It's All in the HP Contractor's Hands [continue reading]


New HVAC Equipment, Same Old Problems

February 29, 2016

Pity homeowners who are seeking to replace their existing heating or cooling equipment. As an industry, we’ve done a good job promoting high-efficiency equipment, but we haven’t done enough to ensure ... [continue reading]

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