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Carpenter's Omission

Author: Zolton Cohen
May 06, 2009

My wife and I moved into our 1917 American Foursquare house 21 years ago. Before the first winter, we had a contractor blow the sidewalls full of insulation. While he was doing the job, he remarked that ... [continue reading]


The Uncurable Soot Mystery

Author: Zolton Cohen
May 01, 1998

On a recent investigation, I discovered two causes of carbon monoxide (CO) and soot stains in a home. Once I found those first two problems, along with reasons to rule out the other likely sources of pollution, I was blind to the actual culprit. [continue reading]


Loud Planes Put Insulators to Work

Author: Zolton Cohen
July 01, 1998

As part of a $25 million per year federally and locally funded program, approximately 9,000 homes in the immediate area of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, are being fitted with soundproofing measures. [continue reading]

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