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Are You Getting into Hot Water?

September 01, 2003

We've come a long way in making hot water more efficiently. The next place to cut waste is in the distribution systems. [continue reading]


Hey, Where's the Hot Water?

September 01, 2004

In many ways, new homes may be experiencing the best of times. But for their hot water distribution systems it can be the worst of times. [continue reading]


A Home with Family Values

July 01, 2002

Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Tuskegee University strike a balance between energy efficiency and affordability. [continue reading]


New Wall System Keeps the Lead Out and the Heat In

November 01, 1997

The presence of lead-based paint in older multifamily housing is a major public health concern. Dealing with these lead hazards offers opportunities for improving not only the health of the occupants but also the energy performance of the units. [continue reading]

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