Todd Hoener

Todd Hoener is an end-use and renewable energy specialist, building analyst, home energy rater, AEE commercial energy auditor and LEED accredited professional with specialty. He is a principal and the president of Stellar Communications and Energy, a research, consulting and communications company located in Ester, Alaska.

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Getting to the Bottom of Home Energy Use

Author: Todd Hoener
July 01, 2011

In 1949, according to DOE’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), residential electricity consumption was 5% of total residential energy consumption. By 2009, it was 40%. This rise is attributable to many factors—appliance and equipment saturation, innovations ... [continue reading]


Behavior, Energy & Climate Change

Author: Todd Hoener
March 01, 2012

To understand how we acquire or manage our energy resources—including end use energy—we have to understand human behavior. This often-undervalued variable in our energy economy may be our most critical resource ... [continue reading]


Inside the World's Tightest House

Author: Todd Hoener
August 30, 2013

Tom Marsik and Kristin Donaldson of Dillingham, Alaska, recently achieved the distinction of building the world's tightest residential building. The World Record Academy, an international organization that certifies world records, presented the award to their ... [continue reading]


Alaska's Sustainable Village

Author: Todd Hoener
March 01, 2014

The University of Alaska Fairbanks takes part in the higher-education trend of efficient student housing [continue reading]


Alaska's Largest Solar-Thermal System - a Model for Multiresidential Use

Author: Todd Hoener
April 30, 2014

The Denali Education Center campus in Alaska gives a solar water-heating system a try. Here are some lessons learned. [continue reading]

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