Back Porch: Nexia: Connecting Homeowners, HVAC Installers, and Dealers

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Back Porch: Nexia: Connecting Homeowners, HVAC Installers, and Dealers

This past May at Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS™: Connected Home Conference, I had the opportunity to speak with George Land, General Manager of Nexia—a consumer-facing brand for connected home solutions within Trane&...

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Cynthia Adams Steps into the Linda Wigington Leadership Award in 2018

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May 30, 2018

Cynthia Adams, CEO of Pearl Certification Systems, accepted the Linda Wigington Leadership Award at the Home Performance Coalition National Conference in Pennsylvania this spring. I was lucky to catch her by phone at the end ... [continue reading]


A Tribute to Lydia Gill Polley

Author: Rana Belshe
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December 04, 2017

Lydia Gill Polley was a gentle but forthright giant in the wonderful world of energy education and staff development training. Lydia graduated with a midlife BA in adult education (1978) and in 1983 wrote and produced a ... [continue reading]


Legends of Home Performance Video Series Released This Spring

Author: Debra Little
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September 05, 2017

This industry undoubtedly has some legends. You may know their names, you’re likely familiar with their work, and even more likely to have benefited from their contributions to the home performance world. You ... [continue reading]


The Home Performance Forum

Author: David Butler
May 31, 2017

The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) recently launched the Home Performance Forum, where members discuss topics in their respective fields. These topics include building systems; building science; envelope and mechanical design; field procedures; energy modeling, education, ... [continue reading]


Female (Work)Force

Author: Amy Beley
February 27, 2017

Consider this scenario. A contractor pulls up to the house of prospective customer and knocks on the door. Customer: (Opens door) “Hello?” [continue reading]


Back Porch: Austin Hosts National Home Performance Conference

Author: Tom White
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November 13, 2016

On the plane to the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) 2016 National Home Performance Conference in Austin, I sat next to a young oil industry engineer on his way home. He was confident that Texas would ride ... [continue reading]

Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury


Redefining Home Performance in the 21stCentury

Today, the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) calls on policymakers, industry leaders, energy program managers and contractors to redefine home energy ...

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Laurie Guevara-Stone

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Zero-energy (ZE) homes—efficient homes that produce or procure as much renewable energy as they consume over the course ...

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