Defending Your Value

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Defending Your Value

Can your prospects see the advantage of choosing you over your competitor? Are they willing to pay a premium price for your product or service? If not, you may find yourself being forced to leave ...

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CalGreen: California's Building Code

Author: Steve Mann
May 01, 2011

At the Passive House conference held in Portland, Oregon, last fall, one European Passive House expert stated that the best way globally to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint worldwide is to legislate stricter building ... [continue reading]



Author: Steve Mann
premium CONTENT
March 01, 2011

As a longtime writer about software for Home Energy, I get asked one question more often than any other: What software do you recommend for companies involved in energy auditing, weatherization, or residential retrofitting? The ... [continue reading]


Digital Manometers

Author: Paul Raymer
premium CONTENT
January 04, 2011

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get when I teach building science courses is, “What equipment should I buy to get started in this business?” There is no question that ... [continue reading]


Energy Star for Homes 3.0

Author: Steve Mann
premium CONTENT
January 03, 2011

Energy Star is probably the most widely recognized energy efficiency brand in North America. A recent study cited it as the second-most trusted consumer brand, right behind the Good Housekeeping seal. Critics of that study ... [continue reading]


Comparing Open- and Closed-Cell Foams

Author: Ed Wyatt
premium CONTENT
November 04, 2010

Q. Home performance contracting is new to us at our residential heating and cooling company in the Northeast. We are trying to do best by our customers as we learn on the go. One issue ... [continue reading]


California's Advanced Homes Program

Author: Steve Mann
premium CONTENT
September 01, 2010

California is slowly moving toward net zero energy construction, defined as building structures that produce as much energy on-site as they consume. The Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan of the California Public Utilities Commission (... [continue reading]

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To  Evaluate Window Films

Steve Capoccia

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To Evaluate Window Films

Homeowners may continue to enjoy their single pane glass windows and gain energy efficient advantages for up to 80% ...

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Joanna Mauer

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Last summer, DOE issued new efficiency standards for furnace fans, which are a little-known energy hog that may be lurking ...

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