Editorial: My Apartment in Tokyo

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Editorial: My Apartment in Tokyo

Every time I visit Japan I learn something new, and my most recent trip was no exception. This time I stayed in an apartment, which exposed me to several new energy-related devices. First, what’...

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Editorial: The New Energy Star Homes Standards: A Rater's Perspective

Author: Jim Cavallo
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May 01, 2006

        Every year on July 4, I’ve found myself listening to a reading of the Declaration of Independence on National Public Radio. Perhaps because I am advancing in age, ... [continue reading]


Living Up to Our Values

Author: Mary James
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March 21, 2006

No description.. [continue reading]


Editorial: The Next Big Thing

Author: Alan Meier
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March 02, 2006

        I am sometimes asked what I believe will be the next new use of energy or the next big efficiency measure. I made a couple of lucky calls in ... [continue reading]


Editorial: Milk, Melons, and Smaller Refrigerators

Author: Alan Meier
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January 01, 2006

        One seemingly irreversible trend in American homes is the growing refrigerator. This is particularly puzzling because the average household size is shrinking. What do people put in there? We ... [continue reading]


Editorial: In Praise of Weatherization

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September 01, 2005

Home Energy receives dozens of e-mails each month from people who find out about us through our Web site, maybe read an article or two from our archives, and write us about problems they are ... [continue reading]


My Discouraging Visit to Costco

Author: Alan Meier
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November 01, 1999

A new Costco recently opened near my home and I--with family in tow--had to inspect its huge aisles chock-a-block full of megasize detergent containers and diapers by the ton. While the kids were distracted by the toys and free food samples, my attention turned to the appliances. [continue reading]

Our First Year with Solar Panels

Chris Stratton

Our First Year with Solar Panels

We got solar panels installed on our home on 22 April 2016 - Earth Day, coincidentally. We now have a full year's ...

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report  High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Joe Cullen, Director of Policy and State Outreach

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Given the critical role that state and local energy policy and regulations play in the development of energy efficiency marketplaces, ...

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