Energy-Saving Strategies - Think Again

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Energy-Saving Strategies - Think Again

The rules regarding home energy savings are changing. New technologies and shifting realities are showing us that many of the old energy-saving dictums are now obsolete. If, for instance, you look at the top energy-saving ...

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Energy Star Changes Approach to Programmable Thermostats

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March 10, 2007

Energy Star has promoted programmable thermostats since 1995, estimating that consumers will save 10%–30% on their heating and cooling energy bills. With sales of programmable thermostats doubling in the last ten years, and with more than 25 ... [continue reading]


What's the Value of One Life Saved

Author: Larry Zarker
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March 09, 2007

Training in the whole-house approach to home performance gives contractors the ability to save lives as well as energy. [continue reading]


Wisconsin Multifamily Benchmark

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March 01, 2007

Madison Gas and Electric's goal was simply to give its customers a sense of the range of electricity and gas costs across a variety of larger multifamily properties. [continue reading]


Greening the HVAC System: A Logical Process

Author: Jim LaRue
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January 01, 2007

There is a mantra that has been generated in the imaginations of most folks who want to build or remodel a home with green guidelines. The mantra goes: “I want my green home to ... [continue reading]


Multifamily Takes Baby Steps to CHP

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November 06, 2006

While energy prices are at record highs with no relief in sight, building owners and managers of multifamily buildings are investigating ways to reduce energy operating costs for their properties. Besides saving energy, these owners ... [continue reading]


Building a Better Wood Furnace

Author: Elka Karl
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September 11, 2006

        Wood has been burned as fuel for thousands of years, and over this time the art of wood burning has been refined from outdoor fires to highly advanced wood ... [continue reading]

Sudden, Unexpected Blessing

Jim Gunshinan

Sudden, Unexpected Blessing

When I received an email from Larry Zarker of BPI, informing me that I had been inducted into the BPI ...

Energy Use Patterns in Off-Grid Houses: It's All About the Energy Budget, Right?

Shawna Henderson

Energy Use Patterns in Off-Grid Houses: It's All About the Energy Budget, Right?

I grew up on the West Coast of Canada, and I have had the good fortune to spend lots of ...

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