Favorite Multifamily Retrofits

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Favorite Multifamily Retrofits

Which retrofit is better: changing the boiler or changing the lighting? There are so many possibilities for multifamily buildings that choosing the "best" retrofit depends a lot on your definition. Are you after the most ...

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Today's Weather: Rain in the Living Room!

Author: Bruce Davis
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March 01, 1997

Last summer, the Applied Building Science Center received a call to investigate a North Carolina multifamily residence where it was raining inside the apartment. This home serves as an example of the need for good air sealing and a whole-building approach. [continue reading]


Take It Outside: Water Heaters Get Fired Up

Author: Ted Rieger
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November 01, 1996

In much of the United States, converting electric water heaters to gas can reduce household energy costs. However, many properties-particularly multifamily homes-have space limitations or venting problems that make such a retrofit impossible. [continue reading]


Landlords Invest in Rental Partnership

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November 01, 1996

Advocates of energy efficiency all lament the split incentive that discourages conservation investments in rental housing. [continue reading]


Multifamily Conference: Rare and Well Done

Author: Ann Kelly
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September 01, 1996

In some circles, 1996 will be remembered not so much for the summer Olympics, but for an event that occurs even less often-a multifamily energy conference. [continue reading]


Preventing Urban Heat Catastrophes

Author: Alan Meier
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July 01, 1996

The heat wave in Chicago last summer created a great deal of human discomfort and, by many estimates, caused over 500 deaths in three days. The overwhelming majority of these deaths occurred in buildings with indoor conditions that were reported as stifling. [continue reading]


Efficient Refrigerators for Apartments

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May 01, 1996

In 1997, Maytag will offer an efficient small refrigerator to utilities and public housing authorities who purchase them through a national procurement initiative. [continue reading]

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To  Evaluate Window Films

Steve Capoccia

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To Evaluate Window Films

Homeowners may continue to enjoy their single pane glass windows and gain energy efficient advantages for up to 80% ...

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Joanna Mauer

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Last summer, DOE issued new efficiency standards for furnace fans, which are a little-known energy hog that may be lurking ...

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