Choosing an IR Camera

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Choosing an IR Camera

Which equipment specifications should you consider before you buy?

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EnergyPlus Has More

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September 01, 2001

            EnergyPlus Has More Q: I’m an energy-conscious architect who has been using software simulations in my work designing homes and doing home renovations. However, ... [continue reading]


The Current State of Duct Leakage Measurement: Field Evaluation of Five Methods

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March 01, 2001

A study of test methods for duct leakage revealed that there is room for improvement in this evolving field. [continue reading]


Two New Software Gems

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September 01, 1999

ince I last wrote in Home Energy about software (see "Putting the Byte into Your Analysis Toolkit," HE Sept/Oct '98, p. 25), some new developments have taken place in energy design software tools. [continue reading]


Putting the Byte into Your Analysis Toolkit

Author: Bion Howard
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September 01, 1998

When it comes to energy efficiency analysis, you have specific needs. Chances are, there's a software package out there that fits your needs. [continue reading]


Software: The Key to Effective Ratings

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September 01, 1998

The success of window ratings programs, from the United Kingdom to Korea, depends on consistent, accurate, and inexpensive software. [continue reading]


New Software Helps Sell Energy-Efficient Homes

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January 01, 1998

You load the self-contained software into your computer, put in the numbers about the home and the buyer, and click your mouse on one of the icons. Instantly you get easy-to-read graphics on customized house and financing scenarios, cash flow and mortgage payment analysis, and energy upgrade costs versus savings. [continue reading]

Top 10 Tips for Residential HVAC Sales People in 2018

Steve Gadsby

Top 10 Tips for Residential HVAC Sales People in 2018

Selling to consumers in the residential HVAC market has changed over the last 10 years. The days of formality in a ...


Jim Gunshinan for Leo Ranier, LBNL

More "Buzz" from ACEEE Summer Study—The Invisible Energy Mortgages in New Homes

You probably never considered the power consumption of those Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets (fondly known as GFCIs) in bathrooms, kitchens, ...

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