<em>Success with</em> Collaboration

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Success with Collaboration

There’s a saying that goes “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Many companies put posters of this saying in their offices to encourage workers to collaborate to achieve a specific goal. It ...

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Building Performance Contracting Raises the Bar

Author: Larry Zarker
January 01, 2006

        The Building Performance Institute, Incorporated (BPI), is providing its accredited contractors and certified professionals with new opportunities to distinguish themselves from their competition in the building performance marketplace. BPI ... [continue reading]


CBPCA Improves a Home Energy Home

Author: Elka Karl
premium CONTENT
September 01, 2005

        As was described in the last issue of Home Energy, Carol Markell, the magazine’s advertising and marketing manager, had volunteered her house for use during a training ... [continue reading]


Training Day

Author: Elka Karl
premium CONTENT
July 01, 2005

CBPCA's hands-on training opens the eyes of would-be home performance contractors. [continue reading]


Moving Forward with Building Performance

premium CONTENT
January 01, 2005

What you’re doing is going to make all of our work worthwhile,” a colleague said to me as I packed my things up following a recent presentation. This vote of confidence came ... [continue reading]


Weatherization Training Takes Off in the Southeast

premium CONTENT
January 01, 2004

To increase cooling efficiency in hot climates, trainers are taking the whole-house approach where it hasn't gone before. [continue reading]


Guide to Training Programs for Home Performance Professionals

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July 01, 2003

Alaska    Name/address Description/Certification Areas of Training Alaska Building Science Network P.O. Box 111097 Anchorage, AK 99511 Tel: (907)562-9927 Fax: (907)770-5412 E-mail: absn@alaska.net Web site:www.absn.com Residential building science-based ... [continue reading]

Energy Innovation

Rick Barnett

Energy Innovation

Space conditioning is the biggest piece of the residential energy pie, and thermal shell improvement is a homeowner's best opportunity ...

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Marlene Taylor

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Energy supplies and efficiency in new home construction took an interesting turn when researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) ...

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