<em>Success with</em> Collaboration

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Success with Collaboration

There’s a saying that goes “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Many companies put posters of this saying in their offices to encourage workers to collaborate to achieve a specific goal. It ...

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Adventures in Radon & Moisture Mitigation

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July 02, 2014

My recent attendance at a Building Science Fundamentals seminar given by Joe Lstiburek and John Straube has motivated me to tell the story of my own basement. I am an architect, a professed defender of ... [continue reading]


Case Study: SHARC Sewage Heat Recovery System

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April 30, 2014

SHARC stands for sewer heat recovery, and the system has been proven effective in the apartments and common areas for residents of the Seven35 Building in North Vancouver, British Columbia. [continue reading]


A Deeper Look into My Deep Energy Retrofit

Author: Dick Rome
February 28, 2014

My wife and I live in a Title 24 house built in 2004 in Stockton, California. It is a 1,883 ft2 ranch, slab-on-grade, with 9-foot ceilings, double-pane low-e vinyl -framed horizontal slider windows, installed R-30 ceiling insulation (effective ... [continue reading]


High-Performance Window Choices on the Upswing

Author: Mary James
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December 29, 2013

Last July, two California companies made a splash in the residential window-manufacturing industry when they announced that their new energy-efficient windows had been certified by the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) in Germany. Casagrande Woodworks and Wooden ... [continue reading]


Direct-Install Programs Gateway to Market Transformation

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December 29, 2013

Like many states, Maryland has a home performance participation problem. Our residential energy efficiency program, EmPOWER Maryland, provides exceptional incentives to participate in home performance. However, fewer than 1% of eligible homes have participated. Our customers ... [continue reading]


Unvented Attics: Encapsulating with Spray Polyurethane Foam

Author: Brett Dillon
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November 01, 2013

The idea behind venting to remove moisture is to allow it to escape out. Unfortunately in humid climates, it's much more complicated. [continue reading]

Energy Innovation

Rick Barnett

Energy Innovation

Space conditioning is the biggest piece of the residential energy pie, and thermal shell improvement is a homeowner's best opportunity ...

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Marlene Taylor

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Energy supplies and efficiency in new home construction took an interesting turn when researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) ...

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