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Pooled Resources

One of the first homes Mike McFarland evaluated was his own. McFarland, owner of Energy Docs Home Performance in Redding, California, was curious about why his energy use spiked in December and January. It didn&...

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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps for the Home

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July 01, 1997

Over a third of America's domestic hot water is heated by electric resistance elements. For many residences, electric resistance is a more expensive method of water-heating than fossil fuels or solar, but there are buildings where these latter alternatives aren't feasible. [continue reading]


Dampers, Reclaimers, and Pumps--Oh My!

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July 01, 1997

Next to space conditioning, water heating is the largest energy user in most homes. However, opportunities for savings aren't always obvious. [continue reading]


The Toilets Conservationists Like Best

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March 01, 1997

The subject of consumer choice and toilet quality has become increasingly important since the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) set new national minimum-efficiency standards for water closets, showerheads, and faucets. [continue reading]


Take It Outside: Water Heaters Get Fired Up

Author: Ted Rieger
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November 01, 1996

In much of the United States, converting electric water heaters to gas can reduce household energy costs. However, many properties-particularly multifamily homes-have space limitations or venting problems that make such a retrofit impossible. [continue reading]


Try These On for Size: New Guidelines for Multifamily Water Heating

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July 01, 1996

Energy professionals have long been frustrated by the lack of reliable data for sizing domestic hot water (DHW) equipment in multifamily buildings. [continue reading]


Water Heaters and Energy Conservation- Choices, Choices!

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May 01, 1996

The most useful answers can be given if the questions tie into the broader context of getting the most from the whole water-heating system. [continue reading]

Our First Year with Solar Panels

Chris Stratton

Our First Year with Solar Panels

We got solar panels installed on our home on 22 April 2016 - Earth Day, coincidentally. We now have a full year's ...

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report  High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Joe Cullen, Director of Policy and State Outreach

New Consortium for Energy Efficiency Report High Stakes for Energy Efficiency

Given the critical role that state and local energy policy and regulations play in the development of energy efficiency marketplaces, ...

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