Weatherize Murray City

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Weatherize Murray City

A Rural Community Revitalization Approach

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The Wisconsin Audit System

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May 01, 1994

The State of Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) uses the WECC Energy Audit System, designed and developed by Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation for utility and government funded residential energy conservation programs. [continue reading]


Hide `n Seek Savings

Author: Don Jones
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March 01, 1994

This old house (pre-1940s) got the works. Two separate weatherization programs (utility- and state-funded), plus a low-interest rehabilitation loan, had already paid for extensive retrofit work. [continue reading]


Are Blower Doors Hazardous?

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January 01, 1994

New Department of Energy guidelines encourage state weatherization programs to adopt "advanced diagnostics," including blower doors and infrared thermography. [continue reading]


Project Landlord

Author: Tom Autio
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January 01, 1994

A small agency in Oregon is enticing landlords to weatherize their properties by making them an offer they can't refuse. [continue reading]


Weatherization Assistance: The Single-Family Study

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September 01, 1993

Since 1976, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has operated the Weatherization Assistance Program, the nation's largest energy conservation program (WAP). [continue reading]


BPA Requires Mechanical Ventilation in Weatherization Programs

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July 01, 1993

As part of its new low-income weatherization program for manufactured housing, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is requiring mechanical ventilation in dwellings that receive other standard measures despite the fact that there's no mechanical venting requirement for retrofits of low-income, site-built housing. [continue reading]

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To  Evaluate Window Films

Steve Capoccia

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To Evaluate Window Films

Homeowners may continue to enjoy their single pane glass windows and gain energy efficient advantages for up to 80% ...

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Joanna Mauer

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Last summer, DOE issued new efficiency standards for furnace fans, which are a little-known energy hog that may be lurking ...

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