Phoenix Rising: Lessons Learned from Katrina

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Phoenix Rising: Lessons Learned from Katrina

Energy-efficient homes play a significant role in post-Katrina rebuilding in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

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Contractors Face Changing Marketplace

Author: Ann Kelly
archive CONTENT
May 01, 1997

If a nationally known expert on building trends is correct, the home retrofit and remodeling marketplace will become dominated by corporate players who sell contracting services with their products. [continue reading]


Chicago Apartments Get New Lease on Life

Author: Paul Knight
archive CONTENT
March 01, 1997

Walking through abandoned multifamily buildings is urban spelunking. The buildings are dark, dreary, and damp. Water drips in from the roof. Pitfalls abound. One must be cautious of dark shafts and mounds of who-knows-what. H [continue reading]


Retrofitting Flooded Homes

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January 01, 1995

In the Great Flood of 1993, more than 10 million acres were inundated by floods that caused more than $12 billion of property damage in the nine states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri. [continue reading]


Hide `n Seek Savings

Author: Don Jones
archive CONTENT
March 01, 1994

This old house (pre-1940s) got the works. Two separate weatherization programs (utility- and state-funded), plus a low-interest rehabilitation loan, had already paid for extensive retrofit work. [continue reading]


Rebuilding Dade County, Florida

Author: Linda Berlin
archive CONTENT
January 01, 1994

Whole neighborhoods in South Florida must be recreated in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, which in August 1992 left a trail of debris more than 25 miles wide. [continue reading]


Energy Efficiency and the Floods

Author: Cyril Penn
archive CONTENT
November 01, 1993

Massive flooding in the Midwest devastated lives and property this summer, and in September with the winter heating season fast approaching there was much confusion about how the recovery might occur and what role energy-efficiency would play in reconstruction. [continue reading]


Affordable Housing Through Efficiency

Author: Paul Knight
archive CONTENT
January 01, 1993

The Department of Housing and Urban Development generally defines affordable housing as a place to live that costs no more than 30% of the occupant's income, including utility costs. [continue reading]

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To  Evaluate Window Films

Steve Capoccia

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To Evaluate Window Films

Homeowners may continue to enjoy their single pane glass windows and gain energy efficient advantages for up to 80% ...

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Joanna Mauer

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Last summer, DOE issued new efficiency standards for furnace fans, which are a little-known energy hog that may be lurking ...

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