Danger in the Shower: 2008 Forum Looks at Hot Water

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Danger in the Shower: 2008 Forum Looks at Hot Water

On average, water heating accounts for 15% of residential energy consumption. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of interest in meeting domestic hot water needs more efficiently. New hot-water-generating technologies, structured plumbing ...

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Distribution Systems

Are You Getting into Hot Water?

September 01, 2003

We've come a long way in making hot water more efficiently. The next place to cut waste is in the distribution systems. [continue reading]


Money Down the Drain: Controlling Hot Water Recirculation Costs

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November 01, 1999

Energy use for domestic hot water (DHW) is the second largest component of a multifamily building's energy budget; it is surpassed only by heating in cold and mixed climates. [continue reading]


Multifamily Research Gets in Hot Water

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July 01, 1997

Many plumbing and heating designers have considered the tankless coil heating system to be the least efficient method of heating domestic hot water (DHW) in a multifamily building. [continue reading]


Hot Water in the Hereafter

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July 01, 1997

The technology to increase energy savings and improve the performance of domestic hot water (DHW) heating systems has been around for years. The problem is that few people know what's out there and even fewer are getting to use it. [continue reading]


Controlling Recirculation Loop Heat Losses

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January 01, 1993

Domestic hot water heating accounts for 15-27% of the total energy use in a typical Minneapolis apartment building, not counting energy used for lighting and electric appliances. [continue reading]

5 Ways to Improve Homeowners' Energy Efficiency Outdoors

Josh Weiss-Roessler

5 Ways to Improve Homeowners' Energy Efficiency Outdoors

When most people think about ways to save energy in their home, their minds first go to insulation. It makes ...

Lisa Rinkus

"Cool Smart" Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

A dozen Northeast companies received COOL SMART awards during the New England Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) golf tournament ...

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