Green Dreamin'

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Green Dreamin'

What do you get when you cross a deep energy retrofit with an 1880s Victorian-style home?

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Roof & Attic

Radiant Barriers: Performance Revealed

September 01, 2000

In the summertime, radiant barriers give attic insulation a clear advantage in cutting the demand for cooling energy. [continue reading]


Unventing Attics In Cold Climates

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November 01, 1999

As Home Energy readers know, venting attics in hot, humid climates brings a great deal of moisture into the structure (see "Conditioned Attics Save Energy in Hot Climates," HE May/June '97, p. 6). Not venting the attic avoids this problem. [continue reading]


Saving Energy with Reflective Roofs

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November 01, 1998

In 11 Florida homes with roofs coated with a white material during midsummer, average air conditioning energy use decreased by 8 kWh/day, or 19%. [continue reading]


PV Roof Tiles Heat Up in New York

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July 01, 1998

The first residential grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system in New York State has been installed on Long Island. [continue reading]


Conditioned Attics Save Energy in Hot Climates

Author: Ted Rieger
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May 01, 1997

Do homes with vented attics use less cooling energy than homes with unvented, conditioned attics in hot climates? With little formal research available to answer the question, common wisdom and most building codes have favored venting. [continue reading]


Out, Out Dammed Ice!

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November 01, 1996

Anyone who has lived in a snowy climate has seen ice dams. Thick bands of ice form along the eaves of homes, causing millions of dollars of structural damage every year. [continue reading]


Roofing and Siding Rehabs get an Energy Fix

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November 01, 1996

The old adage says, "Within every problem lies an opportunity." This is certainly the case when it comes to residing or reroofing a home. [continue reading]


Preventing Urban Heat Catastrophes

Author: Alan Meier
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July 01, 1996

The heat wave in Chicago last summer created a great deal of human discomfort and, by many estimates, caused over 500 deaths in three days. The overwhelming majority of these deaths occurred in buildings with indoor conditions that were reported as stifling. [continue reading]

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To  Evaluate Window Films

Steve Capoccia

New Brochure From Independent Rating Agency Shows How To Evaluate Window Films

Homeowners may continue to enjoy their single pane glass windows and gain energy efficient advantages for up to 80% ...

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Joanna Mauer

Taming the Other Energy Hog Lurking in the Basement

Last summer, DOE issued new efficiency standards for furnace fans, which are a little-known energy hog that may be lurking ...

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