Weather-Stripping Windows with V-Strip

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Weather-Stripping Windows with V-Strip

An in-depth window study on six homes compares the effectiveness of plastic vs. metal weatherstripping.

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Energy-Efficient Window Retrofits: Install with Care

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January 01, 1997

Retrofitting a house with high- performance windows can produce significant energy savings and improved comfort. However, when the right window is installed incorrectly--or worse yet, the wrong window is installed incorrectly--energy savings will be few, structure and furnishings may be damaged, and the occupants' safety may be jeopardized. [continue reading]


Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency

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July 01, 1995

An understanding of some basic energy concepts is essential to choosing appropriate windows and skylights. [continue reading]


PRISM Does Windows

Author: Ted Rieger
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March 01, 1995

A new and improved version of the most widely used computer software for analyzing retrofit energy savings from utility billing data is now available. [continue reading]


Don't Throw that Window Out the Window!

Author: Jeanne Byrne
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November 01, 1994

There are many ways to retrofit a window. Most strategies involve replacing the glass, frame, and sash with double-paned low-E glass, and a new wood or vinyl frame and sash. [continue reading]


"Superwindow" Retrofits Show Significant Energy Savings

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September 01, 1994

Windows account for a fairly large percentage of the heat loss of houses. Even in new homes built to stringent energy code, windows still account for about 25% of the overall conductive heat loss. [continue reading]


Sizing Up Skylights

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November 01, 1993

Skylights, like windows, are distinctive features of homes that greatly influence their aesthetics. [continue reading]


Out The Window with U-Guessed-It Values

Author: Jim Obst
archive CONTENT
July 01, 1993

Thermal performance in a window is expressed as a "U-value," a measure of heat transfer through it--the greater the heat loss, the higher the U-value. [continue reading]

The Real Women of Home Performance: Marge Anderson

Macie Melendez

The Real Women of Home Performance: Marge Anderson

Marge Anderson is the Executive Vice President of Seventhwave, a non-profit that advances environmental and economic sustainability. Her passions include ...

For a True Measure of a Home's Energy Efficiency, Remember Durability

Eliza Clark

For a True Measure of a Home's Energy Efficiency, Remember Durability

Much like the race to build a better mousetrap, it often seems like there’s an endless stream of ...

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