Weather-Stripping Windows with V-Strip

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Weather-Stripping Windows with V-Strip

An in-depth window study on six homes compares the effectiveness of plastic vs. metal weatherstripping.

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Energy-Efficient Window Retrofits: Install with Care

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January 01, 1997

Retrofitting a house with high- performance windows can produce significant energy savings and improved comfort. However, when the right window is installed incorrectly--or worse yet, the wrong window is installed incorrectly--energy savings will be few, structure and furnishings may be damaged, and the occupants' safety may be jeopardized. [continue reading]


Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency

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July 01, 1995

An understanding of some basic energy concepts is essential to choosing appropriate windows and skylights. [continue reading]


PRISM Does Windows

Author: Ted Rieger
archive CONTENT
March 01, 1995

A new and improved version of the most widely used computer software for analyzing retrofit energy savings from utility billing data is now available. [continue reading]


Don't Throw that Window Out the Window!

Author: Jeanne Byrne
archive CONTENT
November 01, 1994

There are many ways to retrofit a window. Most strategies involve replacing the glass, frame, and sash with double-paned low-E glass, and a new wood or vinyl frame and sash. [continue reading]


"Superwindow" Retrofits Show Significant Energy Savings

archive CONTENT
September 01, 1994

Windows account for a fairly large percentage of the heat loss of houses. Even in new homes built to stringent energy code, windows still account for about 25% of the overall conductive heat loss. [continue reading]


Sizing Up Skylights

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November 01, 1993

Skylights, like windows, are distinctive features of homes that greatly influence their aesthetics. [continue reading]


Out The Window with U-Guessed-It Values

Author: Jim Obst
archive CONTENT
July 01, 1993

Thermal performance in a window is expressed as a "U-value," a measure of heat transfer through it--the greater the heat loss, the higher the U-value. [continue reading]

How To Effectively Market Energy Efficiency to Consumers

Kurt Jacobson

How To Effectively Market Energy Efficiency to Consumers

Most of us are aware that marketing greatly impacts the way consumers make decisions and ultimately make purchases or investments. ...

Balancing the Grid with Aloha

Wannie Park

Balancing the Grid with Aloha

Hawaii is notorious for leading the nation in aloha spirit—and solar power. Up to 53% of Hawaii’s ...

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