The Cottages at Cypress

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The Cottages at Cypress

A Net Zero Energy Low-Income Senior Housing Development

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Habitat for Humanity Gets a Green Makeover

Author: Elka Karl
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November 01, 2004

        From Seattle,Washington, to Westchester,New York, lowincome housing is turning a shade greener. Since 1992, the program known for building homes for lowincome families, Habitat for Humanity, has started ... [continue reading]


Tucson Blooms with Less Water

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May 01, 2004

        Water is an increasingly precious resource that needs to be used more wisely, and there are energy penalties associated with heating and distributing water inefficiently (see “Are You ... [continue reading]


Canada's Magnificent Condo

Author: Duncan Hill
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January 01, 2004

Testing reveals how well this building's design and construction are withstanding the test of time - and building occupancy. [continue reading]


Some Research Begins at Home

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November 01, 2003

        At Integrated Building and Construction Solutions (IBACOS), our mission is to enable the industry to build high-quality homes.To further that mission, IBACOS is constantly looking for opportunities to ... [continue reading]


Making a Habit of Habitat

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September 01, 2003

There might have been some bumps along the way, but a collaboration between a nonprofit, a builders association, and a major building supply company yielded some efficient, comfortable, and affordable results. [continue reading]


The Carpet Industry Nudges Toward Green

Author: Edward Wyatt
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May 01, 2003

        Carpets play a critical role in making homes more comfortable by warming up cold floors and reducing sound transfer between floors. Without carpets, unheated concrete slabs and strutting around ... [continue reading]

Energy Innovation

Rick Barnett

Energy Innovation

Space conditioning is the biggest piece of the residential energy pie, and thermal shell improvement is a homeowner's best opportunity ...

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Marlene Taylor

The Future is Now—Or At Least Nearer with ORNL’s 3D-Printed House and Car

Energy supplies and efficiency in new home construction took an interesting turn when researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) ...

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