Editorial: The Rising Cost of Water

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Editorial: The Rising Cost of Water

Using It and Flushing It

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The Best Boiler and Water Heating Retrofits

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September 01, 1995

When the Minneapolis Energy Office (now the Center for Energy and Environment) first addressed the issue of improving energy efficiency in multifamily buildings in 1981, the task was a little daunting. [continue reading]


Graywater An Option For Household Water Reuse

Author: Dick Bennett
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July 01, 1995

The use of graywater--recycled household water from showers, sinks, and clotheswashers--increased in California during the mid 1970s and again in the late 1980s and early 1990s. [continue reading]


Wisconsin's "Orphan" Solar Program

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May 01, 1995

In July 1993, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) and Public Energy Systems (PES) began to evaluate the condition of existing Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) systems as a precursor to a New Install Demand-Side Management (DSM) program. [continue reading]


Where Water-Heating Energy Really Goes

Author: Cyril Penn
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January 01, 1995

Water heating--which accounts for about 16% of U.S. residential energy consumption--is one of the most complex end uses to evaluate, both individually and nationally. [continue reading]


DinoShowers Sweep Oregon

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November 01, 1994

In just four months last year, Pacific Power, with the help of Energy Technology Laboratories (ETL)--not to be confused with ETL Testing Laboratories--placed energy-efficient showerheads in more than 100,000 Oregon homes. [continue reading]


Xeriscape: Winning the Turf War Over Water

Author: Lisa Iwata
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July 01, 1994

Xeriscaping is a resource-efficient approach to landscaping that emphasizes good planning, region-appropriate plants and efficient water management. [continue reading]

Point-of-Sale Energy Efficient Financing

Macie Melendez

Point-of-Sale Energy Efficient Financing

It’s no secret that finances are often a barrier to home performance upgrades for homeowners. This is precisely ...

Sales is the Engine that Pulls the Train

Mike Gorman

Sales is the Engine that Pulls the Train

Without sales a terrible thing happens: nothing. In our corner of the shelter industry, the role of salesperson is played ...

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