DOE Weatherization Assistance Program Update

April 01, 2019
Spring 2019
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Welcome to this new feature, which will appear regularly in Home Energy. In an ongoing effort to improve communication with the weatherization community, information relevant to DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will be conveyed to the weatherization community. The feature will include new training resources, recently issued Weatherization Program Notices (WPNs) and WAP Memorandums, and other relevant information . . . in case you missed it.

WPNs and WAP Memorandums

WAP confirmed its sponsorship of the 2019 HPC National Home Performance Conference and Trade Show, which will take place on April 1–4, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois. This year's conference will include multiple tracks and over 30 sessions specifically developed for the WAP network. WAP Memorandum 042 discusses the allowed use of training funds to attend the conference, while WAP Memorandum 044 provides information on a registration discount for WAP providers.


Weatherization grant guidance and Grantee allocations for Program Year 2019 are provided in WPN 19-1 and WPN 19-2, respectively. DOE issues grant guidance and allocation information to assist Grantees in the preparation and submission of applications for WAP funding.

WPN 19-4 clarifies energy audit approval criteria used by DOE to determine compliance with 10 CFR Part 440. This notice specifically clarifies procedures by which Grantees can submit energy audits and lists of general heat waste reduction measures to DOE for approval every five years. The notice also clarifies requirements for switching between energy audit tools; for providing DOE access to web-based energy-auditing tools; for maintaining software tools; and for ensuring compliance with procured materials.

For more about WPNs and WAP Memorandums, see

Training Resources

WAP Grantees who wish to incorporate solar photovoltaics into WAP or use other renewable-energy measures must first get DOE’s approval. A Weatherization Grantee Renewable Energy Technology Application Template was developed to assist Grantees in this process. A 6-minute training video provides an overview of the template and other required documents.

DOE has also created a training video to clarify the updates provided in WPN 19-4 on revised energy audit approval criteria.

Read more on training resources.

Other Information

DOE staff discussed WAP program and policy updates and reviewed guidance for the upcoming fiscal year at the annual National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) 2019 Winter Training Conference, held on February 13–15, 2019, in Arlington, Virginia.

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