November 01, 2016
Winter 2016
A version of this article appears in the Winter 2016 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Nick Fergis

“HERO Program Adds Value for Homeowners, Communities, and Contractors”

Nick Fergis, chief operating officer for Renovate America, says that writing this article really crystallized for him just how much work has been done through his organization. “I feel very proud of that work,” he says. The most memorable day of his career so far? “We threw a small company party here at Renovate America after hitting the milestone of creating 1,000 new jobs in the state of California.”

Nick Fergis

What you didn’t know about him: “The health of my family and my planet are the two most important things in the world to me, both before money.”





Jesse Fulton

Jesse Fulton

“HERO Program Adds Value for Homeowners, Communities, and Contractors”

Jesse Fulton is the director of product management for Renovate America—an organization that creates new jobs for contractors—jobs that would not exist otherwise. “We see the numbers come in, and we hear the anecdotal stories about contractors growing their businesses,” he says. “But in writing this piece, it really hit me that we’ve been at the forefront of building out the PACE model in a way that’s created thousands of local jobs.”

What you didn’t know about him: “I surf at least four or five days a week, year-round.”


Abe Kruger

Abe Kruger

Green Building Article Series

Abe Kruger’s three-part article series explains how green building can create a home that uses energy and water efficiently, promotes good indoor air quality, and lasts a long time. “The Green on Gift home shows that this is accomplished by getting the details right and taking a holistic approach to construction,” says Kruger.

What you didn’t know about him: “I had planned to double major in environmental studies and theater for set design and construction. Ultimately I dropped the theater major, but the experience reading construction documents and building sets proved valuable as I moved into the home-building industry.”


Ed Matos

Ed Matos

“Why Home Performance Sales Needs a Deep Retrofit”

Ed Matos tells readers why the home performance industry needs to create a better infrastructure to support sales and sales management training. In other words, home performance sales teams need a deep retrofit. Luckily for us, Matos knows what he’s talking about as a longtime consultant in sales for our industry. His proudest career moment? “The day my sales team achieved a $1 million month in sold retrofit projects,” he says.

What you didn’t know about him: “I’m a lead emcee and singer in an all-original hip-hop/rock/reggae band called Emergency Service.”

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