May 07, 2007
May/June 2007
A version of this article appears in the May/June 2007 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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MAY 2–5
Utility Energy Forum,
Tahoe City, California.

Contact: Linda Nelson.
Tel: (541)994-4670; E-mail:; Web

MAY 10
2006 Northeast Energy
Effi ciency Summit, Boston, Massachusetts.
Contact: Northeast Energy Efficiency
Partnerships, 5 Militia Dr.,
Lexington, MA 02421.
Tel: (781)860-9177, Ext. 13; E-mail:; Web site:

MAY 15–17
EnvironDesign 2007,
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Contact: Interiors & Sources
magazine, 840 U.S. Hwy. 1,
Ste. 330, North Palm Beach,
FL 33408.
Tel: (561)627-3393; Fax: (561)694-6578; Web

MAY 16–18
Principles of Building
Science Workshop, Raleigh,
North Carolina.
Contact: Lisa Manuel, Advanced
Energy, 909 Capability
Dr., Ste. 2100, Raleigh,
NC 27606.
Tel: (919)857-9018; E-mail:; Website:

MAY 16–26
Sustainable Building and
Construction, St. John,
U.S. Virgin Islands.
Contact: Institute for the Built Environment,
Guggenheim Hall, Colorado
State University, Fort
Collins, CO 80526-1584.
Tel:(970)491-5041; Web

MAY 17–20
Philadelphia CNU XV,
New Urbanism and the
Old City, Philadelphia,
140 S Dearborn St., Ste. 310,
Chicago, IL
Tel: (312)551-7300;Fax: (312)346-3323; Website:

PCBC 2007 Homebuilding
Show and Conference,
San Francisco, California.
Contact: 1215 K St., Ste.
1200, Sacramento, CA
Tel: (800)956-7469 or (916)325-9300; Fax:(916)325-9399; Web

EDRA 38, Sacramento,
by: Environmental Design
Research Association.
Tel:(405)330-4863; Web

JUNE 3–7
2007 Joint Low-Income
Energy Conferences,
Nashville, Tennessee.
Contact: 1000 LaGrande Rd.,
Silver Spring, MD 20903.
Tel:(412)431-5087; Web

JUNE 6–7
Twenty-fifth West Coast
Energy Management
Congress, Long Beach,
Contact: 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., Ste. 420,
Atlanta, GA 30340.
Tel:(770)279-4392;; Website:

JUNE 15–17
Renewable Energy &
Sustainable Living Fair,
Custer, Wisconsin.
Contact: Midwest Renewable Energy
Association, 7558 Deer Rd.,
Custer, WI 54423.
Tel: (715)592-6595;Fax: (715)592-6596; Website:

JUNE 16–17
ABSN Summer Symposium,
Haines, Alaska.
Contact: Alaska Building Science
Network, P.O. Box 111097,
Anchorage, AK 99511.
Tel: (907)562-9927;E-mail:;Web site:

JUNE 20–22
The CSI Show, Baltimore, Maryland.
Contact: Show Management, 10474
Armstrong St., Fairfax, VA
Tel: (703)934-4700;Fax: (703)934-4899;; Web

JULY 12–14
SEBC/Green Trends 2007,
Orlando, Florida.
Contact: 201 E Park Ave., Tallahassee,
FL 32301.

JULY 28–30
SolWest 2007, John Day,
Contact: EORenew,
P.O. Box 485, Canyon City, OR
Tel: (541)575-3363;E-mail:;Web site:

ACI Webcast Training.

Flir Systems Infrared Training Center.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA).

Snell Infrared.
Web site:
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