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Home Energy Magazine Online July/August 1998

New Jargon for the Trades

by Steven Bodzin

Today, you may be an insulator, HVAC technician, or builder. Maybe you're a lighting designer, or a publicist for efficient buildings. But in the new market, you will be an energy efficiency service provider. This is just one term you need to learn if you want to make money off the new energy market. Others include:

Public Goods Charge (PGC). A surcharge on electricity that is set aside for renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, low income services, and research and development. PGCs are being considered in most states where restructuring
is underway.

Energy Service Provider (ESP). Companies that market electricity and related services are called ESPs. They are different from utilities in that they are not regulated monopolies. They range from municipal agencies in small towns to multi-
national corporations.

Investor-Owned Utility (IOU). What used to be called utilities, but are distinct from public utilities. In California, these companies still deliver electricity, but do not sell or market it to customers.

Energy Service Company (ESCO). ESCOs are best known for the work they've done under the regulated utility structure. They have helped large institutions trim energy bills, and have developed and sometimes implemented utility demand-side management programs. In the new market, ESCOs play a larger role as energy efficiency service providers.

California Board for Energy Efficiency (CBEE). An independent advisory board appointed by the state Public Utilities Commission to oversee administration of the energy efficiency funds from the PGC.


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