Guide to Training Programs for Home Performance Professionals

Every two years, Home Energy updates its list of organizations that offer training for a wholehouse approach to home performance. Here is the most current list.

July 01, 2005
July/August 2005
This article originally appeared in the July/August 2005 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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        Our Web site listing of these training programs will also be updated in the near future. We consider this a list of the best training opportunities in North America. If you are not on the list and think you should be, please contact Home Energy and we will send you a questionnaire so that you can be included on our Web site and in future updates.
        The list is divided into four sections: training that is offered primarily in particular states or regions of the United States; training that is offered through organizations that operate nationwide; training opportunities in Canada; and training opportunities at conferences.
        Many of the trainers listed below coordinate their training to meet the certification requirements of such organizations as the Building Performance Institute (BPI), North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).


Alaska Building Science Network
P.O. Box 111097
Anchorage, AK 99511
Tel: (907)562-9927
Web site:

Offers cold-climate home performance training.
Trains for the Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES), as well as to meet the requirements for state residential contractors, mechanical contractors, energy raters, and International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) inspectors.

Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Incorporated (ACHP)
P.O. Box 241647
Anchorage, AK 99524
Tel: (907)258-2247
Web site:

Provides training for cold-weather energyefficient residential building.
Continuing education is required by the state to maintain a residential home-building license.

Alaska Energy Products & Services
3400 Spenard Rd., Ste. 9
Anchorage, AK 99503
Tel: (907)276-7500 or (907)357-8516

Gives instruction on affordable, energyefficient, and durable residential and multifamily building practices.
Certification is offered through a second party, such as a utility or university. Certification is recognized by the state of Alaska for continuing education credits for contractors.

University of Alaska Southeast
11120 Glacier Hwy.
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Tel: (907)465-8774
Web site:

Teaches essentials of building diagnostic assessment and building durability, performance, energy efficiency, and IAQ.
One-year course of study, required for university certificate in residential building science.

Duszynski & Associates
P.O. Box 83149
Fairbanks, AK 99708
Tel: (907)479-3324

Offers training for energy efficient cold-climate housing construction, ventilation, retrofit, and energy ratings.
No second-party certification.


Yavapai College, Construction Technology Department
2275 Old Home Manor Way
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Tel: (928)717-7726
Web site:

Students learn through hands-on design and construction of a high-performance house.
Offers a one-year advanced certificate or a two-year AAS degree in Architectural Graphics, Residential Building Technology, and Residential Construction Management.


California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA)
c/o Bevilacqua-Knight, Incorporated
1000 Broadway, Ste. 410
Oakland, CA 94607
Tel: (510)444-8707, Ext. 206, 223
Web sites: and

Offers technical training for contractors in whole-house diagnostics and remediation. Curriculum also includes business and marketing training.
Trained and tested contractors can advertise their association with Home Performance with Energy Star as administered in California by CBPCA.

Pacific Energy Center
851 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: (415)973-7206
Web site:

Provides building performance and energy efficiency training.
Participants in some classes receive AIA and National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) continuing education credits.

Proctor Engineering Group, Ltd
418 Mission Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel: (415)451-2480
Web site:

Specializes in HVAC system optimization.
No second-party certification. Each trainee must demonstrate proficiency in order to be CheckMe certified.

Southern California Edison, Customer Technology Application Center
6090 N Irwindale Ave.
Irwindale, CA 91702
Tel: (626)812-7537
Web site:

Offers several energy efficiency seminars.
Some classes earn students continuing education credits through AIA.

University of California at Los Angeles, Department of Architecture
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: (310)454-7348
Web sites: and

Specializes in developing and teaching the use of energy design tools, and teaching climate-responsive design.
Credit given for AIA continuing education.


Boulder Design Alliance
3002 Melissa Ln.
Boulder, CO 80301-4841
Tel: (303)604-1296

Provides training in mechanical system integration for single-family and multifamily residential buildings.
Certification through BPI for some courses.

E-Star Colorado
1981 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80205
Tel: (303)297-7380
Web site:

Trains contractors to become E-Star Certified Energy Raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

Sun Power, Incorporated
3200 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205
Tel: (303)382-1514
Web site:

Trains for weatherization, diagnostics, CO safety, mobile home performance, boilers, furnace electrical systems, and utility bill analysis.
No second-party certification.


Florida Solar Energy Center, Energy Gauge Office
1679 Clearlake Rd.
Cocoa, FL 32922
Tel: (321)638-1492
Web site:

Specializes in training that takes a wholehouse approach to residential and commercial buildings.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

University of Florida, Florida
Energy Extension Service
P.O. Box 110940
Gainesville, FL 32611-0940
Tel: (352)392-5684
Web site:

Provides continuing education courses in green building for Florida licensed building contractors and architects.
Course credit and professional certificate program through University of Florida.


Southface Energy Institute
241 Pine St.
Atlanta, GA 30308-3424
Tel: (404)872-3549
Web site:

Teaches how to build sustainable, energyefficient, healthy, and comfortable homes and multifamily buildings.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider. Also offers training in partnership with the Greater Atlanta Area Home Builders Association for the EarthCraft House green-building program.


Climate Crafters
P.O. Box 2551
Priest River, ID 83856
Tel: (208)448-0143
Web site:

Trains contractors to create and maintain highquality, energy-efficient, safe, comfortable, and healthy home climate control systems.
No second-party certification. Training leads to certification of technicians as Climate Crafters.


City of Chicago Department of Environment, Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 N Sacramento Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612
Tel: (312)746-4155
Web site:

Teaches residential green building design, building systems, landscape design, interior design, and business practices.
No second-party certification. Certificates offered in Architecture, Building and Construction, Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and DIY Green.

Domus Plus
408 N Grove
Oak Park, IL 60302
Tel: (708)386-0345

Offers training for rehabilitation, including insulation techniques for different existing wall types; air sealing; blower door use; heating systems; baseload energy; and financing/affordability.
No second-party certification.

Environmental Community Consultants, Incorporated (ECCI)
926 Pacific Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60085
Tel: (847)244-9650

Trains to Energy Star and Building America standards.
No second-party certification.

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
620 E Adams
Springfield, IL 62701
Tel: (217)785-2373
Web site:

Through the Illinois Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Construction program, builders and contractors learn principles of green building and rehab.
No second-party certification.

South Suburban College
15800 State St.
South Holland, IL 60473
Tel: (708)596-2000 Ext. 2508
Web site:

Offers building science-based construction classes in all areas including sustainability.
Students take blocks of four or five classes for a basic certificate in New Building Construction or in other construction areas. Students can also earn a Building Construction Degree (AAS degree).

University of Illinois at Chicago, Energywise Homes of Illinois, Energy Resources Center
851 S Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Tel: (312)996-2554

Trains only home energy raters who are preselected from industries that require a background in building science.
Successful students can participate in the state HERS program.


Energy Efficient Homes Midwest
P.O. Box 503248
Indianapolis, IN 46250-8248
Tel: (317)915-9204
Web site:

Offers training to contractors in all aspects of home performance; HERS trainer.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

Environmental Management Institute
5610 Crawfordsville Rd., Ste.15
Indianapolis, IN 46224
Tel: (317)248-4848
Web site:

Offers environmental compliance training for residential and multifamily building contractors.
Provides lead-safe housing certification per OSHA, EPA, and HUD requirements.

Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA), Energy Training Facility
1845 W 18th St.,
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Tel: (317)638-4232
Web site:

Provides technical training that reflects the whole-house approach.
INCAA offers BPI-sanctioned certification in three job classifications: Building Technician I, Building Analyst, and Heating Technician.


Energy Rated Homes of Louisiana
P.O. Box 94396
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9396
Tel: (225)342-4500
Web site:

Provides green building seminars for architects, engineers, and the general public. Trains HERS raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.


Building Diagnostics
P.O. Box 989
East Sandwich, MA 02537
Tel: (888)503-2233
Web site:

Specializes in hands-on training for infrared inspections and building investigations.
No second-party certification.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NSEA)
50 Miles St.
Greenfield, MA 01301-3212
Tel: (413)774-6051
Web site:

Offers workshops and conference seminars on the building as a system.
Courses qualify for AIA continuing education credits and credits for other organizations.


Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium
624 Selby Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Tel: (651)221-4462, Ext 123
Web site:

A nonprofit energy services provider that offers training for energy auditors and mentoring for HERS raters.
No second-party certification.

University of Minnesota, Cold Climate Housing Program
203 Kaufert Lab
2004 Folwell Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
Tel: (612)625-5200
Web site:

Offers training for moisture control in residential buildings.
Completed classes earn university credits.


DOE Central Region Weatherization Training Center, Montana State University Extension Service
109 Taylor Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717
Tel: (406)994-3451
Web site:

Specializes in weatherization training.
Participation is documented in university transcript and database.

National Center for Appropriate Technology
P.O. Box 100
Missoula, MT 59806
Tel: (406)728-1864
Web site:

Trains builder option package (BOP) verifiers for Energy Star Homes Northwest and HERS raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider


Association for Energy Affordability, Incorporated
505 8th Ave., Ste. 1801
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212)279-3902
Web site:

Specializes in training for high performance multifamily buildings with central heating and hot water systems.
Offers certification through BPI.

EnTherm, Incorporated
509 W Fayette St.
Syracuse, NY 13204
Tel: (315)474-6549
Web site:

Training focuses on diagnosing and treating the whole house, using test equipment and systematic observation.
No second-party certification. Training will prepare student for BPI Building Analyst I and Shell Specialist certification.

OCM BOCES, Career Training Center
4500 Crown Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13090
Tel: (315)453-4404
E-mail: or
Web site:

Offers training in home performance/building science to prepare students for certification as home performance specialists in support of New York State’s Home Performance with Energy Star and Energy Star Homes programs.
Training prepares students for BPI certification for as Building Analyst I, Shell Specialist, Heating Specialist, and Cooling Specialist. HERS rater training is also offered to prepare students for HERS rater certification in New York State.


Advanced Energy
909 Capability Dr., Ste. 2100
Raleigh, NC 27606
Tel: (919)857-9000
Web site:

Offers training in advanced diagnostics and high-performance new residential building construction.
For some students, course certification is required in order to participate in a utility or industry-sponsored program.


Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems-West, Incorporated
6444 NW Expressway, Ste. 836A
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
Tel: (405)946-0206
E-mail: info@gwssi
Web site:

Trains engineers, consultants, and inspectors in HVAC design and sizing, HERS, performance testing, and marketing their services.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.


Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI)
4000 E 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405
Tel: (541)463-3977
Web site:

Offers energy education for residential and commercial buildings.
Bonneville Power Administration Residential Auditor and Inspector certification.

Delta-T, Incorporated
P.O. Box 436
Harrisburg, OR 97446
Tel: (541)995-6105

Teaches the use of diagnostic testing techniques to ensure comfort, efficiency, health, and safety.
No second-party certification. Trains for utilities, educational institutions, and local and state agencies. Students must pass a written test and prove that they can perform each diagnostic test.


BuildSolve, Incorporated
736 Jacoby Rd.
Xenia, OH 45385
Tel: (937)372-1761
Web site:

Trains for residential building performance and energy codes.
CEUs available for code officials; training agency for the Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board; and trains for the Community Housing Improvement program (CHIP) for the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Energy Efficiency.

Energy Designed Homes
1690 E Choctaw Dr.
London, OH 43140-8730
Tel: (614)432-4663
Web site:

Provides energy efficiency training for architects, builders, and code officials, as well as training for HERS raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

Foundations 4 Energy
8724 Olde Worthington Rd., Ste. 103
Westerville, OH 43802
Tel: (614)891-4900

Provides energy efficiency training to code officials and trains HERS raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD)/Ohio Weatherization Training Center
P.O. Box 787
1 Pinchot Ln.
Athens, OH 45701-0787
Tel: (740)594-8499
Web site:

Offers training for weatherization, furnace maintenance and repair, lead-based paint hazard reduction, and residential building performance.
Certification is required to perform HWAP and utility weatherization in Ohio. BPI certification is available for auditors.


Pennsylvania College of Technology, Weatherization Training Center
1 College Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701
Tel: (570)327-4768
Web site:

Offers a full range of competency-based training courses for nonprofit agencies and local governments who offer weatherization assistance.
No second-party certification.


HERS Raters of Texas
1213 Forest Park Dr.
Weatherford, TX 76087
Tel: (817)921-2966
Web site:

Offers training for energy rating, HVAC, duct sealing, and air sealing of existing buildings.
No second-party certification.

TexEnergy Solutions
2611 E Pioneer Dr.
Irving, TX 75061
Tel: (972)579-2009
Web site:

Provides field training and consultation to builders and subcontractors to help improve first-time compliance rates. Trains HERS raters.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.


Utah Energy Conservation Coalition
112 S Mountain Way Dr.
Orem, Utah 84058-5118
Tel: (801)765-0034
Web site:

Specializes in energy efficiency and HERS training. Training encompasses EEBA climatespecific building construction and energy conservation techniques.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.


South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
386-2 College Ave.
Clemson, SC 29634-5711
Tel: (864)656-2267
Web site:

Specializes in training for residential, commercial, and multifamily building in warm, humid climates.
No second-party certification.

Weatherization Center for Excellence
1401 Senate St.
Columbia, SC 29201
Tel: (803)737-0844
Web site:

Specializes in weatherization-related courses. Also teaches good management practices for contractors.
No second-party certification.Certificate for completed course work.


New River Center for Energy Research and Training
990 Cambria St. NE
Christiansburg, VA 24073
Tel: (540)382-5327
Web site:

Provides training for weatherization and home performance diagnostics.
No second-party certification.


Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NEHERS)
255 S Champlain St.
Burlington, VT 05401-8410
Tel: (802)453-5100, Ext 19
Web site:

Offers a five-day course that covers basic building science and HERS rater training.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

Patullo Consulting, Incorporated
107 Cherry Ln.
Burlington, VT 05401-4910
Tel: (802)660-8903

Training focuses on how people live in the building; and on how to provide energy efficiency, improve comfort and safety for occupants, and reduce maintenance.
No second-party certification. Certificate of completion offered to successful trainees.

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC)/ Energy Rated Homes of Vermont
255 S Champlain St.
Burlington, VT 05401-8410
Tel: (800)639-6069 or (802)865-3926
Web site:

Teaches the whole-house approach to energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and multifamily buildings.
Certification upon completion of one-week training course offered by NEHERS (see above), certification test, and five supervised energy ratings.


Washington State University Energy Program at Olympia
925 Plum St. SE, Building 4
Olympia, WA 98504-3165
Tel: (360)956-2040
Web site:

Training focuses on energy and ventilation codes for building department staff and building designers.
Continuing education credits are offered for fullday training.

Washington State University Energy Program at Spokane
222 N Havana St., Ste. 204
Spokane, WA 99202
Tel: (509)477-6702
Web site:

Offers training for IAQ, duct sealing, and pressure diagnostics.
Certification is through Climate Crafters (see listing under “Idaho”).


Training and Energy Services Center
307 Federal St., Bluefield, WV 24701
Tel: (304)487-6571

Provides HVAC and weatherization training with a whole-house and long-term approach to building systems and energy efficiency.
Offers EPA Section 608 certification through HVAC course.


ForeSight Home Performance, Incorporated
607 N 116th St., Milwaukee, WI 53226
Tel: (414)443-1859
Web site:

Teaches systems approach building science, home performance diagnostics, and retrofit techniques.
No second-party certification.

Highland Building Consultants, LLC
1278 Shawnee Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54303
Tel: (920)621-0717

Offers training for home performance testing; a Building America subgrantee.
No second-party certification

Milwaukee Lead/Asbestos Information Center, Incorporated
2223 S Kinnic Kinnic Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Tel: (414)481-9070
Web site:

Specializes in training for lead, asbestos, and mold abatement in residential and commercial buildings. Focuses on addressing many building elements at one time to solve a problem.
Students can be certified for the treatment of lead paint and asbestos by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.

Skinner Construction, Incorporated
N 1118 Mormon Dr.
La Crosse, WI 54601
Tel: (608)788-2679

Wisconsin Energy Star Homes and Building America partner; specializes in moisture management and envelope assembly.
Continuing education credits possible for Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code licensees.

University of Wisconsin at Madison, College of Engineering
432 N Lake St.
Madison, WI 53706
Tel: (800)462-0876
Web site:

Continuing education courses cover a range of engineering topics, including residential building design, HVAC, IAQ, and lighting.
CEU credits through the University of Wisconsin. Some courses earn AIA continuing education credits.

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC)
211 S Paterson St., 3rd Fl.
Madison, WI 53703
Tel: (608)249-9322, Ext 130
Web site:

Offers initial and ongoing training for HERS raters and home performance contractors. Trains as part of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program and for various other state and utility sponsors; coordinates all training for Wisconsin’s weatherization program.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.


Academy of Infrared Thermography
177 Telegraph Rd.
Bellingham, WA 98226
Tel: (604)516-6646
Web site:

Specializes in training for infrared thermography.
Level I, II, and III courses (four to five days) are based on the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) training and guidelines.

Apogee Interactive, Incorporated
2100 E Exchange Pl., Ste. 100
Tucker, GA 30084
Tel: (770)270-6500
Web site:

Offers a full suite of Web-based and CD-ROM energy courses.
No second-party certification.

Bacharach Institute of Technical Training
621 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensington, PA 15068-7074
Tel: (724)334-5000 or (800)736-4666
Web site:

Specializes in combustion and environmental measurement.
Certification requirements are customized to meet requirements of various jurisdictions and/or associations.

Building Environmental Science and Technology
P.O. Box 23858
Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
Tel: (843)422-3880
Web site:

Teaches environmental building, passive solar, IEQ, and the systems approach.
No second-party certification. Full attendance and short test at completion of course for program certificate.

Building Performance and Comfort, Incorporated
251 C.R. 264
Leander, TX 78641-1620
Tel: (512)259-2324
Web site:

Provides training in the diagnosis of sick buildings and whole-house building science.
No second-party certification.

Building Performance Center
1701 Ellis St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
Tel: (360)676-9718, Ext 109
Web site:

Trains for residential and commercial weatherization, house diagnostics, and IAQ.
Offers certification through BPI.

Building Performance Institute, Incorporated (BPI)
10 Hermes Rd., Ste. 200
Malta, NY 12020
Tel: (518)899-2727
Web site:

Specializes in building performance contractor certification.
BPI certification is recognized as a qualifying credential for the EPA’s Home Performance with Energy Star program. State weatherization programs in Ohio, Indiana, New York, and Missouri also recognize the BPI credential.

Camroden Associates, Incorporated
7240 East Carter Rd.
Westmoreland, NY 13490
Tel: (315)336-7955
Web site:

Offers training in whole-house building science, forensic studies, and building simulation of single family and multifamily buildings.
No second-party certification.

CMC Energy Services
7300 Pearl St.
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: (888)203-5262
Web site:

Trains for residential energy efficiency, including energy basics, heat loss and gain in the house, HVAC system efficiency, windows and shading, insulation, and occupant behavior.
No second-party certification. Trained contractors become certified to utilize the Home Energy Tune-Up to improve
energy efficiency at point of sale.

Comfort Institute, Incorporated
709 W Orchard Dr., Ste. 5
Bellingham, WA 98225
Tel: (360)671-7773
Web site:

Specializes in teaching HVAC contractors the building science-based approach to building systems, including air balancing and duct design.
Provides testing for BPI’s CO Analyst certification.

Conservation Services Group, Incorporated
40 Washington St.
Westborough, MA 01581
Tel: (508)836-9500
Web site:

Focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, policy, and development.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider. Trainees must meet BPI standards for BPI certification. Much of curriculum is approved for RESNET continuing education credits.

Infraspection Institute
425 Ellis St.
Burlington, NJ 08016
Tel: (609)239-4788
Web site:

Specializes in training, certification, and support for infrared thermographers.
Directly certifies Level I, II, and III candidates who pass two or three-hour examinations given at the end of each course.

Kansas Building Science Institute
200 Zeandale Rd.
Manhattan, KS 66505
Tel: (877)537-2425
Web site:

Trains energy auditors and inspectors in weatherization, HERS, basic building science, and house systems.
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider. Weatherization Inspector certification requires passing a performance exam and successful completion of follow-up fieldwork.

National Center for Healthy Housing
10227 Wincopin Circle, Ste. 100
Columbia, MD 21044
Tel: (410)992-0712
Web site:

The Center provides support services, training, and reference materials to state and local agencies, non-profit organizations, lead service providers, contractors, and others working to reduce residential environmental hazards.
Continuing education credits given for course completion by some professional organizations.

National Comfort Institute
P.O. Box 2090
Sheffield Lake, OH 44054
Tel: (800)633-7058
Web site:

Specializes in training contractors for installed HVAC system performance and air balancing.
No second-party certification. Direct certification offered after training and passing written and hands-on testing.

North American Technician Excellence, Incorporated (NATE)
4100 N Fairfax Dr., Ste. 210
Arlington, VA 22203
Tel: (703)276-7247
Web site:

Tests and certifies HVAC/R technicians and service people. Does not train technicians.
No second-party certification. A technician may be certified as either an installation or a service specialist in one or more of five categories: A/C, Air Distribution, Heat Pumps, Gas Heating, and Oil Heating.

Performance Systems Development, Incorporated
124 Brindley St., Ste. 4
Ithaca, NY 14850
Tel: (607)277-6240
Web site:

Teaches building performance fundamentals, TREAT software, home performance contractor business process, distance learning, HERS rating, and training trainers
RESNET-accredited HERS training provider.

R.J. Karg Associates
220 Meadow Rd.
Topsham, ME 04086
Tel: (207)725-6723
Web site:

Training is tailored to meet the requirements of energy-related programs and organizations.
No second-party certification.

Saturn Resource Management
324 Fuller Ave., N-13
Helena, MT 59601
Tel: (800)735-0577 or (406)443-3433
Web site:

Provides both classroom training and handson seminars for weatherization technicians, utility personnel, and homebuilders nationwide.
No second-party certification. Offers certificates of attendance as well as written tests and job-proficiency testing.

Snell Infrared
P.O. Box 6
Montpelier, VT 05601-0006
Tel: (800)636-9820
Web site:

Specializes in training for building diagnostics using infrared thermography.
Courses can apply to the certification needs of particular groups and can comply with American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) standards.

Tech Knowledge
1543 U.S. Hwy. 98 South, #209
Lakeland, FL 33801
Tel: (303)588-8969
Web site:

Trains contractors about the costs of doing business and how to prescribe solutions to building performance problems and present these solutions to homeowners.
Training qualifies for continuing education credits for licensed contractors in Florida and Minnesota.


Advanced Combustion Technologies
1 Haanel Dr.
Ottawa, Canada K1A 1M1
Tel: (613)996-3186

Provides training based on the principles of combustion, efficiency, and emissions; on efficient combustion equipment and venting; and on how the latter interact with the residential, multifamily, and commercial building environments.
No second-party certification.

Air Solutions
44 Darren Crescent,
Cambridge, ON, Canada N3C 3Y1
Tel: (800)267-6830
Web site:

Offers training in building science, HVAC, and IAQ for residential and multifamily buildings.
Certification is offered through Seneca College, EnerQuality Corporation (see listing below); the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC); and the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA) (see listing under “North American Conferences Offering Training Opportunities”).

CanAm Building Envelope Specialists
125 Traders Blvd. E, Unit 4
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L4Z 2H3
Tel: (905)890-5866
Web site:

Offers training for air leakage control, insulation testing, ventilation, blower door, large-building testing, material installation, ice damming, comfort, and mold abatement. Workshops on House as a System, and Helping Buildings Get Better, and on business opportunities for weatherization of buildings of all types.
No second-party certification.

Enerquality Corporation
20 Upjohn Rd.
North York, Canada M3V 2B9
Tel: (416)447-0077
Web site:

Offers workshops that teach advanced home performance, including energy efficiency, occupant health, and environmental responsibility.
Successful completion of a workshop can make a builder eligible to build R-2000 homes.

IAQ Resources Canada
Box 270, 750 Tamarack Rd.
Combermere, ON, Canada K0J 1L0
Tel: (613)756-5651
Web site:

Specializes in IAQ products and training with focus on building science and the whole house approach.
Completion certificate given based on course participation and in-class evaluation. Credits available from BPI, and certification for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration.

National Energy Conservation Association

400-283 Bannatyne Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 3B2
Tel: (866)268-6322 or (204)956-5888

Training programs vary from four-hour sessions to 12-month comprehensive training programs for residential and commercial buildings. Training includes theory and hands-on teaching. Takes a competency approach to learning.
Participants must pass written examinations and a practical assessment with three independent consultants or industry practitioners. The latter review participants’ installation practices and provide verifiable documentation as to participants’ past work experience.


Affordable Comfort
32 Church St.
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Tel: (724)627-5200
Web site:

Promotes at national and regional conferences residential comfort, energy efficiency, health and safety, affordability, and durability through whole-house strategies. Agendas are tailored to meet the needs of a region, complement existing initiatives, and address specific participant interests.
For certification, partners with BPI; EEBA; NATE; AIA; ASHI; RESNET; and a variety of state and local code and inspection jurisdictions where forums and training are held.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy/Buildings Summer Study
1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 801
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202)429-887
Web site:

Biennial conference held at Pacific Grove, California. Topics range from energy efficient building design to whole-house diagnostics.
No second-party certification.

Energy & Environmental Building Association (EEBA) Institute of Building Technology (IBT)
10740 Lyndale Ave. S, 10W
Bloomington, MN 55420-5615
Tel: (952)881-1098
Web site:

Trains building professionals in practices that adhere to climate-specific and building science standards. Offers training to building professionals at national and regional conferences, manufacturer- and utilityhosted training programs, local home builder association classes, and a U.S DOE/Building America program series, as well as through online courses.
Institute courses can qualify for continuing education credit through AIA, the American Lung Association’s Health House Project, and other programs and professional organizations. Students who complete a set of courses and successfully complete field training will receive the rights to the use of the MasterBuilder designation and accompanying marketing materials.

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