DOE's Building America Solution Center Adds New, Interactive Checklist for EPA Indoor airPLUS With How-To Guides

Posted by Theresa Gilbride on June 08, 2015
DOE's Building America Solution Center Adds New, Interactive Checklist for EPA Indoor airPLUS With How-To Guides

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Solution Center has added a new feature based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS checklist. The Solution Center, developed for the DOE Building Technologies Office Building America Program by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is an interactive on-line tool giving home builders and contractors step-by-step guidance for implementing hundreds of energy-efficiency measures in new and existing homes. The Indoor airPLUS program encourages builders to use construction techniques and technologies that can improve the indoor air quality of their homes. The Indoor airPLUS feature in the Building America Solution Center is an interactive checklist providing direct links to how-to guides in the Solution Center that provide step-by-step instructions for meeting each requirement in the Indoor airPLUS checklist. Along with instructions, each Solution Center guide contains scopes of work, climate-specific recommendations, relevant codes and standards, research articles, CAD files, and related photographs and videos builders and contractors can use for training purposes. The new Indoor airPLUS checklist is just one way users can navigate through the Building America Solution Center. The Solution Center also has interactive checklists for ENERGY STAR Version 3.0 and DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program, an alphabetical listing of guides, a search-by-building component feature, and key word searching and filtering options.

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Theresa Gilbride is a scientist in Energy Policy and Economics at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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