Avoiding Mold in the Cold Season

Posted by Ted Shoemaker on September 02, 2014
Avoiding Mold in the Cold Season

People often avoid ventilating rooms during the cold season to avoid loss of heat. But this, the German Energy Agency (dena) warns, brings a big risk with it: mold.

According to dena, people, animals, houseplants, cooking, showering, etc. can produce as much as eight liters of water a day in a three-person household. This can condense on the cold walls of closed rooms and if nothing is done create mold.

Dena recommends shutting off the heat and opening the windows completely for five to ten minutes two to three times a day. This swiftly exchanges the moist air and minimizes the loss of energy. The wide practice of opening the windows a crack for longer periods only leads to a slow change of the air and increased heating costs.

If more rooms in the house are to be ventilated, it’s wise to open the doors between them and create a through draft.


Ted Shoemaker is a writer and editor based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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