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With more than 17,000 unique visitors per month, and 42,000 pageviews per month, is the destination for home performance professionals and homeowners to find answers to residential building problems. Visitors turn to Home Energy online to find solutions backed by field experience and sound scientific research.

70% of respondents have visited the website or called a company whose ad they saw in HomeEnergy, and 70% say they trust the advertiser claims when they see an ad in Home Energy.
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Topic Sponsorship contains all the magazine content that our readers look for, and so much more. We organized over 20 years of online articles, making them easily accessible by key subjects and sub-topics. We now offer participating advertisers the opportunity to sponsor topics that draw readers most interested in your products and services.

Topic sponsorship creates high visibility by combining a guaranteed first position marquee banner ad, with editorial spotlight recognition (your logo with text), plus a bottom leaderboard banner. These combined visuals ensure that your message is delivered to targeted readers of our premium (paid subscription only) and free articles.

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Web ads must be in JPEG, GIF, or PDF file formats. Flash and rotating GIF ads are accepted for Marquee ads only.

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