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The Latest on Steel Stud Walls

Author: Jan Kosny
September 01, 2004

      Q.We are interested in building our own home in Northern California, just east of Sacramento. It is our understanding that steelframed homes are considered more energy efficient than wood-framed homes.... [continue reading]


Steel Stud Walls: Breaking the Thermal Bridge

Author: Jan Kosny
July 01, 2001

Steel stud walls are notoriously inefficient due to thermal bridging, but new construction and insulating methods are solving that problem. [continue reading]


Wall R-Values that Tell It Like It Is

March 01, 1997

Several new wall systems are gaining popularity, due to increasing interest in energy efficiency, alternatives to dimensional wood framing, and building sustainable structures. [continue reading]


New Value for High-Mass Walls

Author: Jan Kosny
September 01, 1999

In certain climates, construction of massive building envelopes--such as concrete, earth, and insulating concrete forms (ICFs)--can be one of the most effective ways of reducing building heating and cooling loads. [continue reading]


Calculating Whole Wall R-Values on the Net

November 01, 1999

In 1995, approximately 85% of U.S. residential housing was stick built. While energy-efficient walls can be built with dimensional lumber, it takes careful design and construction to achieve this. [continue reading]

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