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Cheating - The Insulation Industry's Dirty Secret

November 01, 2000

Major problems exist with the way some attic insulations are manufactured, labeled, and installed. An experienced insulation contractor, diagnostic technician, and building science educator sizes up the ongoing problem of cheating and offers specific recommendations to prevent it. [continue reading]


Building Science Education in the Community College

May 01, 1994

Why aren't we building more energy-efficient homes in this country? Technology and our understanding of home performance have evolved dramatically over the past ten years, but for the most part, these new technologies and techniques are not evident in the field. [continue reading]


Creating Quality in New Construction: A Practitioner's Perspective

January 01, 1996

A visit to homes under construction will reveal that builders are rarely utilizing the most basic energy-efficient building and design principles. [continue reading]


Retrospective: Building Science Education in the Community College

July 02, 2014

Education in energy-efficient building began in community colleges in the '90s - here's a look back at how the curriculum was then. Has it evolved? [continue reading]

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