Ted Shoemaker

Ted Shoemaker is a writer and editor based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Germany's Energy Certificate

March 04, 2011

As energy prices rise, energy-efficient buildings are becoming ever more attractive. And Germany, spurred by a European Union directive, has taken a major step toward ensuring that its citizens know what they are getting, energy-wise, ... [continue reading]


New and Notable: Pump Up The Heat: May/June 2012

May 01, 2012

In Europe, a new heat pump clothes dryer is being successfully marketed, and it's shown to use up to 50% less electricity than the traditional dryer in North America. The traditional dryer draws in air, heats ... [continue reading]

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Avoiding Mold in the Cold Season

Avoiding Mold in the Cold Season

Ted Shoemaker

People often avoid ventilating rooms during the cold season to avoid loss of heat. But this, the German Energy Agency (dena) warns, brings a big risk with it: mold. [continue reading]

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