Don Otto

Don Otto owns DPO Construction, LC, in Iowa City, Iowa, and is now in his 35th year of delivering comfort and energy efficiency to his clients. Don specializes in sustainability and the use of design, space planning, and natural light.

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Insulation Tricks for a Midwestern Climate

Author: Don Otto
November 01, 1997

Being a general contractor, I have enough to do during construction without trying to invent new methods to address energy efficiency and indoor air quality questions. [continue reading]


Hot Topics Covered at Thermal VII Conference

Author: Don Otto
May 01, 1999

Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Buildings is unique in that it gives equal recognition to the principles and the practical applications of building science research. All of the presentations at this conference, in fact, are assigned to one of two parallel tracks--Principles or Practices. [continue reading]


Green Building for Tough Times

Author: Don Otto
April 29, 2013

Squeezimus Sanguinem ex Turnipibus (Butchered Latin for We squeeze blood out of a turnip) [continue reading]

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