Living Better with Less Energy

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Living Better with Less Energy

At times, the solutions to our problems are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes the hardest part is taking the time to examine things that we assume don’t need to be examined. Consider my ...

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One Family's Electricity Savings

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May 01, 1992

Every now and then we hear of a case of energy conservation above and beyond the call of duty. Pam Coxon and her husband David have reduced their electricity consumption in their San Francisco house by about 65% over the course of the last two years. [continue reading]

What's In a Name?

Jim Gunshinan

What's In a Name?

That’s a little over the top. But the point is, even though Home Energy will undergo the second ...

The Environmental Benefits of Restoring Old Homes

Holly Welles

The Environmental Benefits of Restoring Old Homes

The sustainability movement has swept across the construction industry. Green homebuilding has grown in favor because of its health benefits, ...

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