Anatomy of a Gut Remodel

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Anatomy of a Gut Remodel

Behind the scenes of a three-year, award-winning LEED for Homes remodel in California.

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Anatomy of a Gut Remodel

Author: Steve Mann
May 01, 2013

Behind the scenes of a three-year, award-winning LEED for Homes remodel in California. [continue reading]


Efficient Dwelling - Small is Beautiful

Author: Shay Salomon
July 01, 2008

North Americans have quickly become the most-housed people in the history of humanity. The average detached single-family house built today has almost 2,500 square feet of floor area, and fewer than three people live in it. ... [continue reading]


Home Performance Meets Green Renovation

November 01, 2005

The EarthCraft House Renovation program gives existing homes the green treatment. [continue reading]


Remodeling with the Sun

May 01, 1997

The passion for passive solar is not what it used to be; enthusiasm peaked sometime in the late 1970s. Today, even energy-conscious builders focus on improving insulation and air tightness more than on how the remodeled house will interact with the sun. [continue reading]


Outward Bound: Adding Efficient Living Space

January 01, 1996

Ever notice how houses seem to grow with time? As the family gets larger, so does the house. [continue reading]


Remodeling Bathrooms Let the Energy Savings Flow

November 01, 1995

People remodel more than 5 million bathrooms every year in the United States. Sometimes this just means replacing lighting and plumbing fixtures. More extensive remodels involve building an addition or gutting and redesigning an existing bathroom. [continue reading]


Remodeling Kitchens: A Smorgasbord of Energy Savings

September 01, 1995

The kitchen represents a concentration of household energy use--anywhere from 20% to 40% of a home's consumption. [continue reading]


Energy-Efficient Remodeling-- Grab the Opportunity!

Author: Karina Lutz
January 01, 1995

Homeowners and contractors who plan to remodel must consider the house as a system, rather than an assemblage of separate parts. [continue reading]

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Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

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Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Energy efficiency is good for the economy, good for families, good for workers, and good for the environment.

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