Living Better with Less Energy

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Living Better with Less Energy

At times, the solutions to our problems are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes the hardest part is taking the time to examine things that we assume don’t need to be examined. Consider my ...

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Suburban PV

Author: Elka Karl
March 10, 2007

Solar PV is becoming an increasingly popular option for generating electricity in urban and suburban homes. Three years ago Niels Wolter of Madison, Wisconsin, installed a 1.3 kW PV system on his family’s three-bedroom ... [continue reading]


Affordable New Jersey

March 09, 2007

Comfort Partners has helped more than 27,000 New Jersey households better manage their utility costs by saving energy. [continue reading]


Improving Crawlspaces in New York Multifamily Buildings

Author: Ian Shapiro
July 01, 2006

Build your crawlspaces to keep energy losses to a minimum, while also keeping your pipes from freezing. [continue reading]


Battling Childhood Asthma

June 22, 2006

A better tomorrow for all of us depends on creating healthy living conditions for children in affordable housing. [continue reading]


Post-Hurricane Opportunities

Author: Danny Parker
June 08, 2006

Although coping with hurricanes is difficult, it does offer the opportunity to make homes more energy efficient and comfortable. [continue reading]


Safety Measures for Stormy Windows

Author: Bill York
June 08, 2006

        In single-family homes, and many multifamily homes and condominiums, the existing, nonimpact- rated windows and/or glass doors generally cannot be retrofitted to meet current impact standards and building ... [continue reading]


Moisture, Leaks, and Pressures in Mobile Homes

Author: Cal Steiner
March 02, 2006

The first challenge is to determine whether the problem is moisture condensing in the ceiling, or a roof leak, or both. To find out, look for penetrations in surfaces. [continue reading]


Upgrading Energy Technology - A Free-Market Solution

January 01, 2006

        While politicians were debating how many billions in tax breaks should go to the energy industry and how much should go to renewable resources, home inspectors have been uncovering ... [continue reading]

Our Blog Has Moved

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Our Blog Has Moved

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Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Jim Gunshinan

Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Energy efficiency is good for the economy, good for families, good for workers, and good for the environment.

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