May 29, 2018
Summer 2018
A version of this article appears in the Summer 2018 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Chris Stratton

"How We Turned Our House into a Giant Foam Box"

Chris hopes to empower readers to work on their own homes in projects that fall outside their comfort zone. 

Chris got to cut his teeth as a building science researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for five years. “Working with some of the brightest minds in the industry was intimidating but also inspiring, like a crash course.”


What you didn’t know about him: Chris grew up in rural Kentucky. He played soccer, and was a big jock.






Wen Lee

"How We Turned Our House into a Giant Foam Box"

Wen would like this article to demystify home insulation. “You can do it yourself if you want; it’s not rocket science.”

Besides do-it-yourself home performance retrofits, she does education and communications work in the environmental nonprofit field, and is currently working with conservatives on climate change at RepublicEN.

What you didn’t know about her: Wen is also a self-taught filmmaker and believes that video is a powerful educational tool. See some of her videos at



Ruth Fein Revell

"A New Guide for Solar Reviewers, Inspectors, and Installers"

Ruth wants readers to gain perspective on the notion that having the installer and the inspector on the same page—with checklists and other ways to keep the installation consistent—trickles down to good results for the consumer, whether the installer is a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

Throughout her career as a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and journalist, Ruth has managed to stick to her principles, writing on the issues she cares about.

What you didn’t know about her: Though she never got a byline, Ruth was a stringer for the New York Times Metro Section for six years.



Larry Weingarten

“Choices in PEX Manifold Systems”

Larry likes to think of the ideas presented here as more arrows in the quiver when tackling new or repipe jobs.

Larry likes to use things for purposes other than what they were made for. “I call it the creative misuse of tools.”

What you didn’t know about him: Through a heroic act of disobedience, “and learning enough to figure it out,” he saved his wife’s life after a brain stem stroke. When Larry helped her escape alive from the hospital, nurses called it a miracle.

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