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August 01, 2018
Winter 2018
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Danny Parker

“A Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater”

Danny wants readers to understand that new heat pump and PV technology can heat water for less than the cost of the electricity needed to run your refrigerator.

Danny has always liked to measure things as a way of exploring the world. “My motto: to measure is to know—Carpe datum.” A turning point was meeting other researchers who felt the same way— Art Rosenfeld, Alan Meier, and Paul McCready.

Alan’s landmark career moment was, of course, launching Home Energy magazine longer ago than he can remember!


What you didn’t know about him: Danny has a longtime Zen practice, “which helps everything.”





Kelly Cutchin

"Field Guides: The Good the Bad and the Ugly"

Kelly hopes to change people’s minds about what a field guide can accomplish. Some people approach the field guide as a requirement to “check the box” for DOE, but these guides can be amazing tools for consistent, high-quality work and a motivated workforce.

Learning about instructional design was a turning point in Kelly’s career. “If we do it right, we can have a real impact on people’s ability to do their work, and on their desire to give it their all.”

Kelly traveled around the world studying traditional building methods for a year after college.



Lesley Herrmann

"Solving the Unintended Consequences of a Home Performance Renovation"

Lesley would love readers to take away that creating a high-performance home requires an integrated approach, continuous project oversight, leadership, and a skilled labor force.

A career epiphany happened for Lesley while she was attending a course in Norway. “I realized the huge energy savings potential in green building design and decided to apply my physics background to the built environment.”

What you didn’t know about her: Lesley is also a holistic nutritionist and loves helping people to take a functional approach to chronic disease.



Julie Caracino

“Why Open Data Standards Matter for Home Performance”

Julie would like readers to know that HPXML makes it easier and less expensive to collect, transfer, and analyze data. And because it’s developed openly on GitHub, the standard is more transparent, secure, and stable than proprietary communication protocols.

A highlight for Julie is getting to chair the HPXML Working Group. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people in the industry to take HPXML to an established standard.”

What you didn’t know about her: In her free time, Julie is an amateur artist with a lifelong appreciation of modern art. Her current work focuses on portrait drawing and painting.

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