November 06, 2017
Winter 2017
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“All-Electric is the Past and Future ”

Armstrong would like readers to know that “electrification of all end uses is already the market trend in the United States, mostly because it costs less.”

A memorable time in Armstrong’s career was when he led environmental clubs at two different high schools. “I will never forget the profound emotional depth and warmth of Jane Goodall, whom I met backstage before introducing her to the auditorium. In moments, I felt how her goodness had also earned the trust of chimpanzees.”

Sean Armstrong

What you didn’t know about him: Armstrong’s college-educated Cherokee grandfather taught him how to fish and explained that the Trail of Tears was a family story. “When I worked on the Hoopa reservation project mentioned in my article, the site superintendent made racist remarks to me about the intelligence and work ethic of the Indians on the jobsite. I lodged a complaint that went nowhere. Our society has a long way to go to get over color-based bigotry.”


Erin Boyd

Erin Boyd

“State-Level Energy Efficiency Potential in the U.S. Single-Family Housing Stock”

Boyd would like our readers to know that modeling shows there are extensive opportunities for energy savings through efficiency in all parts of the country. “A unique aspect of [our] analysis is that it shows how the type of improvements that are most cost-effective varies among states,” says Boyd. This opens the possibility that programs could be customized by location and housing characteristics.

A memorable experience for Boyd was, as an American Physical Society Fellow in the office of Senator Al Franken, collaborating with a staffer in Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office to draft a scripted exchange on the Senate floor. “I had the remarkable experience of accompanying Senator Franken on the Senate floor when he and Senator Whitehouse delivered the scripted exchange to discuss the importance of climate change,” says Boyd.

What you didn’t know about her: “One of my favorite pastimes is vegetable and flower gardening,” she says Boyd. She has a chicken coop in her backyard. A friend helped her build an enclosure for her garden, complete with a roof.  “My tomatoes are now protected and the squirrels have a new structure on which to play.”


David Chasar

David Chasar

"From Energy Guzzler to Near Zero Energy Home: Lessons from the Phased Deep Retrofit Project"

Chasar wants readers to know that there is much to learn from measuring energy end uses. “Sometimes the results can be surprising, ” he says.

Passing the Professional Engineers exam was the most memorable moment of Chasar’s career.

What you didn’t know about him: Chasar loves following statistics during the baseball season, “especially this year, as I grew up in Cleveland.”


Theresa Gilbride

Eric Werling

“The Perfect Wall and the Building Science Blues”

Of his article, Werling says, “There are some big remaining challenges to getting more moisture-managed high-R walls—that is, Perfect Walls—built. But Building America is tackling these challenges head on.”

“I write silly building science songs,” he says, “and play them at the beginning or end of my public presentations.”

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