If You Were Plumbing, How Much Beer Would You Hold?

December 10, 2018
Winter 2018
A version of this article appears in the Winter 2018 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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You open the hot-water tap. Then you wait for the hot water to flow. How long? (Too long, according to most people, I say.)

The time depends on flow rate, the amount of water in the pipe from water heater to tap (multiply that by 2, because it will empty out its room-temperature water first, to be filled by warm). If you know the distance and the type of pipe, how much water is that?



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If you build more compactly, putting the wet rooms in the home closer together, including the water heater, not only are runs of pipe shorter, but wait times for hot water are, too.

Short consistent distances = happy customers!

How tall are you? Most adults are 5–7 feet tall. Roughly speaking.

Here’s an easy and [hiccup!] fun way to remember your height. Are you a tall drink of water?

Gary Klein is president at Gary Klein and Associates, Incorporated.

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