High vs Mid-Efficiency Furnaces

Posted by Home Energy on January 16, 2007

Question for the Editors

I have a problem with this high efficiency furnace (
Carrier Natural Gas Furnace Model 58 MVP) which has been installed in my home for 3 years. 

Once each year, and occasionally twice each year, my furnace has shut itself off because the exhaust vent and the air intake have frozen up.
  I live in Saskatchewan where we have very cold winter temperatures and accompanying wind making the wind chill a factor. 

I have 2 questions which I hope you can answer:

1.  Could  the location of the vent on the outside of the house be a factor in freezing up?

  I have been told that a high efficiency furnace is not the best choice for climates such as where I live i.e. occasionally very cold temperatures and wind.  I was told a mid-efficiency furnace would work better.  Do you have a comment on this?

Ken Knutson
 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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