ACI Home Performance Media Forum: Where are the HP Heroes?

Posted by Tom White, Publisher on April 28, 2009
At the ACI National Home Performance conference media forum tonight, panelist Henry Gifford spoke about the need to create media savvy home performance heroes that the public can identify with, along the lines of a Babe Ruth, Rosie the Riveter or Bill Gates.  Someone who can change the media's perspective on energy efficiency and motivate the young generation of green collar workers (and homeowners). 

Steve Andrews, co-founder of the Assoc. for the Study of Peak Oil-USA also spoke at today's opening plenary about home energy heroes, referring to the audience of home performance professionals.  Earlier at the plenary, Laverne Dalgleish, Chairman of the Board of the Building Performance Institute, announced the winner of the inaugural Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry:  Matt Golden, President of San Francisco-based Sustainable Spaces Inc. and the first president of Efficiency First, a new trade association representing America’s Home Performance Workforce.  The new award recognizes the individual who has most advanced the home performance industry over the past year and is named in honor of Tony Woods, former President of Canam Building Envelope Specialists Inc. and ZERODRAFT®, and a pioneer of the home performance industry.

As part of the ACI opening plenary, John Tooley, of Advanced Energy; Linda Wigington and Helen Perrine, of ACI, were inducted into the Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame.

Hopefully these heroes of the HP industry can help out Henry Gifford and other HP professionals who are having a hard time staying profitable in this business.  And it's my job to spread the word.  Look out for our Home Performance with Energy STAR business development guide, coming out as a special supplement to Home Energy's Sept/Oct issue!

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