PACE Alive and Well // Part 3: Energy Bills Below Zero, Trust at 100%

February 18, 2017
Spring 2017
This online-only article is a supplement to the Spring 2017 print edition of Home Energy Magazine.
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This is part 3 of a series that describes how PACE financing is revolutionizing the home performance contracting industry.

California contracting company Progressive Energy Solutions specializes in solar installations and energy efficiency. Progressive has been an active partner with the HERO Program, the country’s leading provider of residential PACE financing, since HERO’s inception in late 2011. Progressive has seen this partnership benefit both its business and its customers.

HERO trains, registers, and monitors participating contractors, ensuring that they uphold HERO’s stringent consumer protection standards. This in turn gives HERO contractors a leg up in the market, positioning them for first consideration in a crowded field, and giving them enhanced financing options to offer prospective clients.

Based in Yucaipa, California, and serving customers in the surrounding areas of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange counties, Progressive installs residential and commercial solar-energy systems; solar hot-water systems; solar pool heaters; patio covers and solar shades; high-efficiency HVAC systems; and high-efficiency windows and doors.

Homeowners Preston and April Thrift came to Progressive to get solar panels installed on their home in Winchester. The Thrifts’ primary concern was finding a contractor they could trust. The Progressive representative they worked with, Frank Melendez, impressed the Thrifts with his honesty. He analyzed the home’s historical energy use and determined the number of solar panels that would get them to an average of net zero, without overloading them with excess panels. “From the first handshake to talking with people at the company, everything went as Frank had laid out,” says Preston. “The quality of work is above and beyond.”

Progressive Energy
Progressive Energy’s Frank Melendez (far left) accepting HERO’s Above & Beyond Award, for work performed for homeowners April and Preston Thrift (center), presented by HERO Contractor Account manager Sheri Winters (right). (Renovate America)

In fact, Frank and Progressive Energy Solutions won HERO’s Above & Beyond Award, for the extraordinary service they provided the Thrifts. Frank says it was an honor to receive this recognition. “When you take care of the customers’ needs,” he says, “everything else falls into place.”

The Above & Beyond Award is now an additional selling point for Progressive Energy Solutions. And the Thrifts continue to be pleased with their solar panels. They report that a recent electricity “bill” was in fact a $75 credit.

Nick Fergis is the chief operating officer and Jesse Fulton is the director of product management at Renovate America.

This article is part of a series that was printed in full in the Spring 2017 issue. You can view the full article, "PACE Alive and Well, Case Study: Energy Bills Below Zero, Trust at 100%" in the digital replica or in print. 

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