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May 01, 2015
May/June 2015
A version of this article appears in the May/June 2015 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Doug Garrett

"Moldy Shoes Blues"

This month, Doug Garrett’s column answers questions about finding mold in unexpected places, like your closet. And he’s no stranger to these types of questions. “In fact, I very often know exactly what is going on and why it is happening while the homeowner and I are having our first phone conversation,” he says.

Doug Garrett

What you didn’t know about him: “I’ve seen things in clients’ closets that range from the clearly illegal to something suggested by the title Fifty Shades of Grey.”



Sean Maxwell

"Favorite Multifamily Retrofits—Part 1"

While writing, Sean Maxwell learned that “it’s good to be involved in successful projects, but for these to be replicated, lessons learned need to be shared with others.”

And if there’s one thing he’d like readers to take away from his piece, it’s that there’s no “best” retrofit for every building.

Sean Maxwell

What you didn’t know about him: “I now live in Australia, but I like to keep tabs on all the exciting projects going on in the United States.”




Brent Stephens

"Infiltration of Outdoor Pollutants"

Brent Stephens learned an important lesson in writing this article: Never underestimate the utility of older research. “In this work I ended up finding a 1986 article that I honestly had not come across before, even though it is one of the best and most comprehensive early efforts to model indoor concentrations of a variety of outdoor pollutants in buildings.”


What you didn’t know about him: “I got my start in building science as a summer intern at Southface in Atlanta doing home inspections.”



Mariel Wolfson

"Making ‘Green’ Mainstream"

While writing her article, Mariel Wolfson was struck by the intensity with which people pursued energy-efficient housing during the 1970s. “I was fascinated by the 1973–74 oil embargo and responses to it. So many issues were tied up together, including the finances of American households frustrated by high energy bills. This led to a variety of creative experiments.”


What you didn’t know about her: “I originally started a PhD in medieval European history after falling in love with this subject in college.”

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