DOE Weatherization Assistance Program Update

May 31, 2019
Summer 2019
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In an ongoing effort to improve communication with the weatherization community, DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will convey new training resources, recently issued Weatherization Program Notices (WPNs) and WAP Memorandums, and other relevant information in this new feature . . . in case you missed it.

WPNs and WAP Memorandums

WPN 19-3: 2019 Poverty Income Guidelines and Definition of Income provides Grantees with the 2019 Poverty Income Guidelines and Definition of Income for use effective February 6, 2019. This WPN supersedes WPN 18-3.

WAP Memorandum 046: American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) requests feedback from Grantees to help improve the administration of WAP. WAP used the ACSI in 2016 to obtain constructive feedback from Grantees, which enabled DOE to enhance WAP’s processes and service delivery. The Grantee Program Manager should have received notification of the survey beginning Tuesday, March 5, 2019; the survey closed Friday, March 29, 2019. Another memorandum will be issued soon to request feedback from Subgrantees.


WAP Memorandum 047: WAP PY18 Average Cost Per Unit Correction provides clarification on the Average Cost Per Unit (ACPU) for Program Year 2018 (PY18) and PY 2019 (PY19). WAP identified an error in the calculation of the ACPU for PY18. Calculations that outline where the mistake was made and how it was rectified are provided in the memorandum.

WAP announced that it is suspending the 2018 and 2019 Standard Work Specifications (SWS) Redline documents to streamline the release of the 2020 SWS full update in WAP Memorandum 048: Updated Maintenance Process to the Standard Work Specifications.

WAP is encouraging Grantees to attend the 2019 National Association for State Community Services Program (NASCSP) Annual Conference by allowing use of training funds for conference attendance in WAP Memorandum 049: Allowable Use of Training Funds for 2019 NASCSP Annual Conference. The conference is scheduled for September 23–27, 2019 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

See more about WPNs and WAP Memorandums.

Training Resources

Get more on info training resources.

Other Information

DOE staff discussed WAP program, policy, and guidance updates at the 2019 National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show, held on April 1–4, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.

Anyone within the weatherization network can “opt in” to receive an email when the latest WPNs, WAP Memorandums, and training resources are issued. Sign up to receive these notifications on the Weatherization Program Guidance webpage.

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