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Home Energy Magazine Online March/April 1995

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Quality Builders Converge on Springfield

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) held their annual Quality Building Conference in the Springfield, Massachusetts, Sheraton Hotel last November. The event (sometimes held in past years in conjunction with the Energy Efficient Building Association--commonly known as EEBA) attracted over 400 participants.

An eclectic mix of attendees (from mainstream builders to hardcore off-the-grid types) were treated to some of the industry's top speakers--people like John Tooley of Natural Florida Retrofit, Steve Loken of the Center for Resourceful Building Technology, and Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation--presenters who are entertaining and informative.

One conference highlight was a slide presentation by Steve Badanes of Jersey Devil Architects, featuring his innovative and wacky home designs, including a house in the shape of a helmet that has a partitionless design, right down to the open bathroom area.

Practicing what was being preached, the Springfield Sheraton uses fluorescent lighting almost exclusively, with Philips EarthLight compact fluorescent lamps illuminating all of their 305 guest rooms. NESEA itself is in the throes of remodeling their new facility in Greenfield, Massachusetts, with the intention of creating a model office space that showcases earth-friendly technologies that are tailored to occupants' needs.

For information about future Quality Building Conferences, contact NESEA at their new headquarters: 50 Miles Street, Greenfield, MA 01301. Tel: (413) 774-6051.

--Emily Polsby


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